Joe Walsh on the Election

Here is the email that former Congressman and WIND-Talk Show Host Joe Walsh sent to his list:

To all our Walsh Freedom Volunteers and Supporters,

Barb, Helene and I want to thank you for all your efforts this election cycle. So many of you worked your tails off for months on end and for candidates near and far.

Unfortunately, Tuesday was a bloodbath for Illinois Republicans and Conservatives.

Illinois, especially the collar counties, turned even more blue this election, I am sorry to say.

Mike Madigan, using JB Pritzker’s money, was able to spend millions defeating very good state and local Republican candidates in the suburbs.

I am sorry that our efforts were not more effective.

I do want to thank each and every one of you who worked tirelessly, when you could, however you could, to get good Conservative Republicans elected to the State House and to County Boards.

For a variety of reasons, we did not get the job done, but know that your efforts were valiant as well as noble.

One race that has still not been called is for my bride, Helene Miller Walsh, IL District 51.

Before counting mailed in votes, Helene Walsh is ahead by one vote.

At the end of Tuesday night Helene was up by 1 vote.

YES….one vote!!!

The process is now underway at the Lake County Clerk’s office to

  • collect the mail-in-ballots (MIB’s)
  • verify signatures
  • send out letters to challenged ballots and
  • gather all the valid MIB’s for a final count on 11/21 when the election for that seat and all others in Lake County will be verified.

Others who are greatly affected by this process are Sheriff Mark Curran and County Board member Chuck Bartels.

Helene along with a number of volunteers have been overseeing the process on a daily basis.

I am pleased to report that all seems to be going according to the stated procedures and that Carla Wykoff runs an outstanding Clerk’s office (unlike what we are seeing/hearing about in Broward County, FL).

It is almost criminal that Carla did not win another term.

I fear what will come once the Democrats control Lake County.

This entire MIB process has the potential for massive fraud.


Joe Walsh on the Election — 8 Comments

  1. Florida….. What about McHenry County?

    A complete ‘clown show’; defended by the biggest pair of clowns seen since who knows when.

  2. What is his deal?

    He’s been tweeting out fire warnings about Trump for years.

    If any Republican ought to know who lost this election (TRUMP) it’s Joe Walsh who has seen the writing on the wall for months.

  3. Yes. The Trumpistas have no one to blame but themselves.

    2020 is likely to be even worse.

    If the GOP loses the suburbs it has lost America.

  4. Fun IQ quiz for Illinois Voters:

    When sitting, where does your lap go when you stand up?

  5. LOL Walsh is a clown he would have lost to a ham sandwich. He’s a one term congressman who only got into office because his opponent literally did nothing and Democrats that year had extremely low turnout. He constantly trashes Trump, he is hated by the left, and moderates. Who is his support? Jewish baby boomers with schizophrenia? He complains about Trump being the death of the GOP because he’s too extreme, while he says the N word on air, calls for alligators and moats on the Mexican border, and tells Obama to “watch out” after police officers get murdered.

    Even if we entertain your notion, why is it that Joe Walsh doesn’t run for office? He has hinted at running for office multiple times as a radio host. Every time he flakes out, and he never announces that he won’t run office. That means other conservatives hear he’s going to run and never throw their hat in the ring because how could they compete with his money in a primary? So they end up not running and Democrats win more.

    He refuses to take any callers that ask him tough questions, he’s a huge shill for Israel, and he contradicts himself on a daily basis.

    His group Walsh Freedom is a bunch of gatekeepers. They said they wanted to flip 9 house seats in the GA and if you asked them which ones they refused to tell you. They’d tell you to talk to Helene or Barb, and come do activism on their time, and say what they tell you to say. Is this about helping conservatives win or promoting Walsh Freedom?

    Walsh is a goober and a charlatan. If his wife wins, clips of Joe Walsh will be played all over the Chicago region in 2020 and the GOP will end up losing not just that seat but many others in the area — both at the state legislative and local level.

    If I were a Democrat I would donate to Walsh Freedom.

  6. Dan Proft is another moron.

    Why do you people listen to a dude who came in last place when he ran for governor, who admitted to selling his own people out on social issues, and now pounds his fist that anybody who sells conservatives out on social issues doesn’t deserve a vote? Nobody cares or sees any problem here??

    Proft and a lot of these moron merchants gave you the current GOP. Why do you support these people? Have you been winning lately? No, well have you been losing but you’ve at least felt dignified in losing? No? You feel like you have sell-outs AND they happen to be losers… hmmmm… Well who is funding the IL GOP? Who could that be??? Are you winning more or losing more? Oh, you’re losing more?? Wow, this is some really mysterious stuff here…

    Hey, I know, maybe we should give Dan Proft and Joe Walsh more power in the IL GOP!

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