Local Man Invents Forest Fire Fighting Machine

Local resident Gary Christ is an inventor.

A couple of decades ago he figured out how to use tarps and old tires and rope to provide temporary housing for homeless veterans. Over the  years about 70 folks stayed in these shelters until McHenry County government finally  stepped in and enforced code violations.

More recently, he has invented a mine exploder that he has used in Cambodia.

Gary Christ’ Robotic Lane Mine Exterminator , his second idea for clearing mines in Cambodia.  His first is here.

Most recently, Gary was inspired when his brother’s house in CA was threatened by  fires last year.

The present way of putting water on a forest fire.

Watching helicopters dumping water from buckets it seemed very inefficient so he invented a better device.

He named it  the Rainbow Fire Extinguisher.

His most recent invention was brought to mind by an ABC newscaster announcing that there was an “urgent effort to knock down the fire.

The method used today is helicopters finding a source of water,  then, scoop it, fly back to the fire and dump it.

In dumping the water, targeting is not very specific.

Christ’s device would be filled with water and compressed air and trucked to the area where it is needed.

They can be re-filled on site, saving the helicopter considerable time.

The water would be sprayed onto the fire line.

Gary Christ in front of invention.

from the sky.”

It was inspired by how fire departments use mist to knock down structure fires the inefficiency inherent in dumping water from helicopters.

The helicopters have to find a source of water, then, scoop it, fly back to the fire and dump it.

In dumping the water, targeting is not very specific.

He calls it the “Rainbow Fire Extinguisher.”

Christ’s device would be filled with water and trucked to the area where it is needed.

The water would be sprayed onto the fire line.

Here is a two-minute 50 second video explaining the invention, which can be used to protect homes, as well as application from a helicopter.

Gary Christ can be contacted at 815-261-8023. This is his email address: GaryInvents@outlook.com.

Christ is looking for money to build a full-scale prototype to be tested in actual fires.

A patent is pending.


Local Man Invents Forest Fire Fighting Machine — 5 Comments

  1. Why doesn’t he turn his inventive skills on perfecting a way to rid Illinois of crooked politicians!?

  2. Seems at first glance like a good idea.

    There are more flatbed trucks than helicoptors.

    How close does the truck need to get to the water source?

    How does the water get into the tank, some sort of hose & pump?

    I wonder how much of an issue truck stability would be on a hilly curvy gravel fire road as the tank is more horizontal than vertical and is top heavy, even though the base is wider than the top.

  3. Hello everyone!

    It has been a long while since I expressed my views. Thank you Cal for the article, I welcome questions.

    There are many inefficiencies in using helicopters to bring water to a fire zone.

    With my system, one truck could bring in over 30 tanks of water.

    This would save the helicopter hours of flight time and get better use of the water by pressurization.

    Of course, the tanks could be delivered safely before they are needed and stockpliled in strategic areas.

    I am looking for $5,000 to build a full scale prototype.

    I am working with NIU small business lab.

    I KNOW this will save lives, please help me get it going!


  4. Gary is the man! Let me see if I can do some investigating to see where else he may get help.

  5. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

    Thank you Cal for helping promote my efforts to prevent human tragedy, whether it be low cost, temporary housing for the homeless, inventing better methods of landmine removal or more efficient ways to extinguish large fires.

    Inventing is in my DNA, my father and great uncles were successful inventors. My belief is that an invention will serve humanity long after I depart from this world. To God be the Glory!

    My new website is http://www.projectdeminetheplanet.com best viewed on a big screen, am working on making it more viewable on smart phones.

    Anyone interested in learning more about these life saving inventions, please contact me.

    I am looking for an ‘angel investor’ to invest about $50K into the Fire Cannon in order to properly manufacture a prototype, test and market it.

    There is a huge demand for this.

    I do have a patent-pending on it.

    I love inventing and seeing the efforts pay off by helping those that need it the most!

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