“An American” Is Becoming a Regular on Extended Commentary

Under the Sunday article about the election of McHenry County Democratic Party Chair Kristina Zahorik as head of the Illinois Democratic Party Chairs’ Association, “An American” has this to say:

Oh please. The Bernie people endorsed her opponent, Alison Squires, for State Central Committeewoman.


Kristina Zahorik

Zahorik was a Clinton delegate, just like [Jack] Franks, in 2016.

It could be argued that Zahorik is part of the swamp.

She’s been in Democratic politics since Paul Simon was a Senator.

He retired over 20 years ago.

She’s probably going to do a good job in terms of what they want to accomplish which is to bridge the gap between the progressive koo koos and the machine politic scumbags, and help Democrats in general win.

With her living in the 14th and having this position of authority, with J.B. and his money, and Jack Franks being up for election in 2020 Republicans are going to be out of power really fast.

Jack Franks

I could see every state rep and state senate in the county going Democratic and a majority Democratic county board by 2022.

Also, starting in 2022, Illinois will send maybe just 2 or 3 Republicans to Congress (out of 16 or 17).

Franks won’t lose to a prog.

He still has a high favorability rating and tons of money.

Even if the greedy teachers unions decide to betray him, he’ll just find some Democrat to throw their hat in the ring and split the anti-Franks vote.

Republicans aren’t strategic enough to jump ship and send him packing, plus any legit challenger will be coming from his left.

Your only hope of getting Jack out is if Jesse White leaves office and Franks gets the appointment.

Loren Underwood

Besides, McHenry County Jewish groups and McHenry County Democratic Women groups have good relations with each other.

Here’s another prediction for you:

Lauren Underwood will take Dick Durbin’s Senate seat.

I’m not saying she will run in 2020.

Durbin will run again and she will get his seat after he retires, which will be as soon as Trump is out of office (2020 or 2024).

She hits all the checkmarks (black, young, woman) and she could have that seat for 50 years.


“An American” Is Becoming a Regular on Extended Commentary — 7 Comments

  1. To add more context, this was a response to a person who claimed Zahorik is basically a Bernie Bot and implied that she will be hostile to Franks and help primary him out. I fundamentally disagree with that assessment of Zahorik for the reasons in this article.

    I would also add that Republicans should tread carefully about forcing certain Democrats out of office e.g. Franks, Madigan, and dare I say even Durbin and Pelosi. Do you think the next mayor of Chicago will be to the right or left of Rahm? You might want to think about what kind of Democrats will replace the current batch.

  2. Durbin has been in Congress since 1982, he might hold the Congressional record for voting to over spend and add to the national debt.

  3. I don’t think Underwood will last in the long run.

    Philosophically she’s from the Fidel Castro wing of the party, and she really isn’t particularly bright either.

    That will become become apparent to all now that the campaign is over and she actually has to help govern.

    She only won because she ran against a nitwit that most Republicans don’t particularly care for in a year that heavily favored the Dems.

  4. The only person who might challenge Franks in 2020 if he is not appointed to something at the state level that is more attractive is Althoff.

    However, 2020 is likely to be another Democratic Wave year as Trump looks likely to be even more damaged and perhaps indicted and/or impeached. This last week he seems to have become even more unhinged. The only hope for the GOP will be for him to be removed from office or decide not to run. If he is indicted, Pence will not make the mistake of Ford and pardon him, at least not until the election is over.

    Also, Franks will benefit from having no effective County Board opposition with the new crop, unless Althoff decides to become the Great Dissenter to try and pave a way for her future run.

    If Franks does move on to greener, and more powerful, pastures, expect Paula Yensen to be appointed. She will then be very vulnerable to an Althoff challenge.

    Also bear in mind redistricting in 2022. The vote by the current Board to reduce the size of the Board to 18 but to continue to have them elected from 6 districts is not binding on the Board which will be seated in 2020. It is that Board that actually does the redistricting and will likely contain more Democrats. The Chairman, when elected at large, also initially develops the redistricting map. Expect single member districts to come up again.

  5. Following up, IF Althoff does decide to be come a Franks Critic, that could transform the Board into something with a backbone as the toadies will line up behind her as they did when Joe staged the walkout (not planned so it would have been even greater had some other people known what was going on).

    Otherwise, you will only see anything resembling dissent from Wheeler and Thorsen.

    Should be interesting to watch…..

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