The Gettysburg Address — 7 Comments

  1. Try tweeting that, Donald.

    How would Abe feel about the party he founded if he saw it, and it’s current Leader, now?

    He would not even be in the GOP if he were alive today.

    He was in favor of a strong federal government and the abolition of slavery, both closer to Democrat opinions today.

    He was a moderate within the GOP of his time who did not want to be punitive with the South.

    He probably would have liked Barak Obama and Bill Clinton and would be appalled by the current occupant of his former house.

    Like his former party, the Whigs, today’s GOP may be headed for oblivion.

    If so, they will owe it to the Tea Party movement who put Trump in the White House.

    2020 is coming.

    Tic, tock…..

  2. Abraham Lincoln, if somehow alive today, would be proud of the leadership of national Republicans today in regards to progress made in protecting America’s national interests and its citizens, improving the economy and achieving the lowest unemployment rates in about 50 years. Unemployment rates for Black Americans and Latinos are at the lowest rates in recorded history per the U.S. BLS.

    Lincoln vigorously fought the Democrats in both houses of Congress to free the slaves. The Democrats in the Senate came to his side and then the Democrats in the House finally relented and came over to support him.

    In the subsequent decades, Democrats were involved in the Klan. In the 20th century, a man named Robert Byrd was an organizer and recruiter for the Klan. Byrd became a Democrat and was highly revered by his Party until his death in 2010.

    Lincoln would have been proud of his Party that supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to a much greater extent than the Democrats in Congress. Notable in the voting was the father of Al Gore, who was a Democrat Senator from Tenn, who voted against the Act.

  3. Bred:

    First of all, I think everyone would agree that Lincoln is the polar opposite of the current occupant of his office.

    This was the President who, when the Civil War was about to break out, called on the “gentler angels of our nature” and who, as the war was winding down and the members of his own party wanted retribution and revenge upon the South, said “with malice towards none and charity for all, let us bind up the nation’s wounds…”

    That’s a far cry from what we are seeing now.

  4. Extremist apparently gets pravda style “news” and indoctrination from the mostly left wing media. The Democrats still have not got over the defeat of Hillary and continue to be angry, revengeful and sore losers. Left wing media has mostly ignored the corruption in the top investigative organization which included top agents and management framing our current national leader.

  5. From Politico, as reported in Capital Fax:

    When former state GOP leader Pat Brady said President Donald Trump’s rhetoric about women and minorities “hurts” Republicans, some guests at Monday’s City Club event booed. “Whether you like it or not,” Brady told the City Club crowd at Maggiano’s Banquets, “We have to come up with an Illinois strategy that bifurcates us away from the president’s message or we won’t be able to recruit people.”

    Good luck with that.

  6. Not Pravda. Politico.

    Just a report of what Pat Brady actually said in a public forum.

    Not “fake news”.

    Just “news”.

    By being successful and electing a President, the Tea Party has shot itself in the head.

    The Republican Party may die with it.

    The demise of Lincoln’s Whigs may be repeated.

    R.I.P for the G.O.P?

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