Republicans Search for Mike Walkup Replacement

Mike Walkup

From McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen:

The County Board Chairman has just announced the vacancy in Board District 3 of the seat previously occupied by Mike Walkup.

As some of you know, Mr. Walkup tendered his resignation effective December 1st.

While by law the Chairman brings forward his pick for filling the vacancy, that replacement must be a Republican.

McHenry County Board 2012-20 District 3 map.  The line through Crystal Lake is Crystal Lake Avenue.

If you know anyone who lives in District 3 who would be interested in serving on the Board, will you please ask them to email ( or give me a call?

Requirements are very limited: must be at least 18 years old and a Republican voter registered to vote in McHenry County.

If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me.

The pay is about $21,000 a year, minimum of four meetings a month. There is health insurance, if one signs up for it (although Democrats are campaigning to abolish it and signing up would leave one vulnersble to attack if one ran for re-election).


Republicans Search for Mike Walkup Replacement — 10 Comments

  1. I’m your Huckleberry Diane.

    My skills include translating gibberish and responding with polite passive-aggressive insults.

    Making a great Smirnoff on the rocks and once out of three tries, I outran the Wal Mart greeter in the Johnsburg parking lot.

    When do I start?

  2. Diane 👏 Evertsen 👏doesn’t 👏 have 👏power 👏 to 👏 appoint 👏 a 👏 replacement!

  3. Going to go out on a limb here.

    If Diane puts forth a name it won’t be picked.

    Look at the huge influence she had on last night vote.

    1 vote.

    She influenced 1 vote.

    If that’s not an indictment of leadership I am not sure what is.

  4. What a joke.

    Some other soft candidate will be selected so whacky Kathy Bergen Schmidt can bring her special brand of governing back to the Board in 2020.

    I wonder if then chairman sent out an invite to the Midwest Minutemen?

  5. SpotStain, no one said she did but she is the party leader and she will interview and recommend who she’d like to get it!

    Get it?

  6. He was really a DINO in RINO clothing, plenty of those in that district.

  7. Re: She Gone

    You are entitled to your interpretation – here is mine:

    There is only one Republican on the current McHenry County Board. Saying that would mean that the following who ran as Republicans are not:


    Neither the Dems or Reps in this state can stop anyone from running to represent their party. The voters are the ones who make that determination.

    Obviously we do not have a majority of Republican voters in this County.

    The voters also elect committeemen and the elected Republican committeemen elected their party officers.

    The bottom line is that you have a lying bully getting most everything he wants.

    McHenry County has its own swamp that needs draining.

  8. There was only 1 Republican who agreed with Diane.

    There was 16 who didn’t.

    Jacko could only put forth a Republican.

    A Republican who was brought forth by Pam Altoff. T

    his could also be the reason that most precincts remain unfilled and no money has been raised and why there was no Lincoln day Dinner.

    Defend her I am sure the band on the Titanic felt the same about their captain as they slowly slippped into the abyss.

  9. Jack is gonna do what Jack is gonna do.

    Diane’s recommendation won’t matter.

    County GOP chairmen are now 0/3 for their recommendations since Jack took office.

    You gotta figure there are 5 Democrats, there are 2 people who Jack appointed, there are probably many Republicans who didn’t vote for Diane for chairman, and there are probably others who just don’t see a big enough reason to oppose Jack’s pick.

    So, yeah, if you think the county board is gonna do anything other than vote for Jack’s recommendation, prepare to be disappointed again.

    She gone, I don’t follow the last three lines of your argument.

    Which Republican was brought forth by Pam?


    What does Pam have to do with precincts remaining unfulfilled?

    That’s on the township GOP chairs to make their recommendations to Diane, her to make the appointments, and for Republicans themselves to step up into those roles.

    The lack of enthusiasm among Republicans is multi-faceted and can’t just be explained away by boogeymen like Pam or Jack.

    Not sure what Pam has to do with lack of fundraising or Lincoln Day dinner either.

    That just sounds like poor organizing.

    Lincoln Day is one of the biggest fundraisers the GOP has.

  10. Diane is there because she was elected by a majority of the elected committeemen.

    She is much more effective than any of her Jourdanaire predecessors or Sandy.

    If you don’t like it, run for committeeman in your precinct.

    That is the only way to affect who the Party Chairman will be.

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