Treasurer of McHenry County Republican Party Resigns

Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence resigned as Treasurer of the McHenry County Republican Party today.

Her routine resignation, seen below,

Please be advised that I have resigned as Treasurer of the Republican Central Committee of McHenry County effective today, December 17th 2018

with the following email to fellow Republican Precinct Committeemen:

Rachael Lawrence

Dear Precinct Committeemen and fellow McHenry County Republicans,

In April, I began my service as Treasurer of the Republican Central Committee of McHenry County.

I was excited and honored to volunteer much time and effort toward what I believed to be a new chapter of the GOP—filled with fresh perspective, inclusive and capable leadership, and most importantly, the start of a new era of unity and growth.

I was humbled by the trust you placed in me to manage the financial affairs of our party’s committee.

While I have learned many valuable lessons during this time behind the scenes, I have also become disillusioned.

As time progressed, what I envisioned as innovation revealed itself as status quo; invigoration as complacency and inaction; competence as arrogance; inclusivity as perpetual division.

I can no longer say that the individuals in the current county Republican Leadership represent those GOP values which so many proud Republicans and I hold so dearly.

For that reason, I tender my resignation as Treasurer of the Republican Central Committee of McHenry County.

While I still hold out hope for the future of all McHenry County Republicans, I refuse to play any role in what I believe to be the root of the exclusivity and deep division in McHenry County.

What we need now is modernization, harmony, and strong but inclusive leaders, unafraid to re-energize and welcome the fresh perspectives of a new generation.

Since the current McHenry County Republican Establishment is unable or unwilling, I will continue my efforts elsewhere until
that day arrives—and it will.

I sincerely thank you, precinct committeemen, for the wonderful opportunity and invaluable life lesson.

With Gratitude,
Rachael Lawrence

Lawrence’s replacement under current by-laws must be selected at a GOP Convention.


Treasurer of McHenry County Republican Party Resigns — 16 Comments

  1. Sorry to see her leave.

    She took the advice suggested by former FBI director Comey earlier today and stood up and called out Republican leaders when they needed to be called out

  2. Well written – well said, Trustee Lawrence.

    Our party is rotting from the inside.

    Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

    Hate / Bigotry / Fear.

    By backing these horrific men, our party has abandoned the conservative principles we once championed: less government, less spending, and respect for the law and private property.

    I know many of you agree but you in far too deep and your ego will not allow you to admit the simple fact that you were wrong.

    For those of you still complicit with this course I pray you wake up soon.

  3. Another day of disappointment for SuburbanRINO, as the savages remain unreceptive to offers for salvation through penitent voting.

  4. What a self-aggrandizing load of hooey.

    Ms Lawrence seems to have deluded herself into believing that other people value her opinion.

  5. True bigotry, hate and discrimination lives in those who claim to fight it.

    Black leaders in cities like Chicago who keep the status quo in their neighborhoods so they can prosper.

    They keep their districts poor by fighting employers so they have a voice.

    Democrat and Republican lawmakers who refused to solve the immigration problem are responsible for our current crisis.

    They are the true haters.

    We need the workers but we cannot allow them in absent a real immigration policy.

    Don’t be fooled by the biggest conspiracy in recent years.

    The real racists are in DC and the big cities and they have deliberately sat on their hands for years.

  6. Did she get a union job?

    Or was she threatened?

    Evertsen is fine, so is Wheeler, so who’s she carping about?

    Little Rachel: Look into the mirror!

  7. IMO, part of the problem is the leadership of the county GOP is blindly support Gasser at Alg Twh.

    Rachael doesn’t like wasting tax dollars like Gasser and county GOP seems to.

    Add the Dog’s lying to the Gasser nonsense, she’s seen the light.

  8. Illinois blows and Swingblade: The article says she resigned only from GOP Treasurer job.

    Nob: you continue to prove you are not worth the tiem to read your comments.

  9. Not long ago NWH reported she joined local 150 in a protest and handed out hand warmers.

    She has been for awhile now working hard to portray herself as the centrist/moderate liberal after originally playing the staunch conservative role.

    She’s the typical politician standing for nothing while trying to be liked by all – pandering and trying to walk the fence to garner votes for another office. G

    od forbid she just stand for something, accomplish something, and run on her good merit.

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