Jack Franks’ 2000 Campaign Manager Revealed as Researcher for Joe Tirio Smear Pieces

With the threat of a stay in McHenry County’s gray bar hotel, Breaker Press President Richard Lewandowski spilled the beans regarding the identity of those behind the notorious hit pieces mailed against Joe Tirio’s McHenry County Clerk campaign.

The printed told the courtroom the following were involved:

  • Michael Noonan, 328 South Jefferson, Chicago 60661 – produced the documents
  • Sean Tenner of KNI, 4801 Broadway, Chicago 60640 – paid for the work

Shortly thereafter, Lewandowski mentioned Jack Franks’ name.

A gasp went up in the audience of Republican officials and partisans.


The following photo montage was on the website of the Northwest Herald when its story was first posted: “Mike Noonan (left) of Flossmoor and McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks gather around as Sean Tenner of Chicago pulls up election results at Offsides in Woodstock on Nov. 8, 2016. Noonan and Tenner have been named in the Integrity Fund lawsuit by Joe Tirio for attack ads on his campaign.” This series of images was replaced with a photo of Joe Tirio and his attorney Phil Prossnitz. Saturday morning this image showed up on the front page of the paper edition.

It did not take a detective to figure out that the perpetrators of the postcards were connected with Jack Franks.

That’s because Tirio and the four County Board candidates attacked were critics of Franks.

The paper of record in McHenry County, however, made no previous suggestion of Franks’ possible involvement until today’s courtroom reporting.

Now, by taking down the photo of Franks’ election night conference with Noonen and Tenner, the Northwest Herald might make readers wonder why it is protecting the reputation of the County Board Chairman.

The effort of Natalie Harris, attorney for Breaker Press, Janice Dalton and, more recently, the Illinois Integrity Fund, to insert a “John Doe,” admitting to be part of the Illinois Integrity Fund, did not win approval of Judge Costello.

The case was set for 1:30 in Judge Kevin Costello’s courtroom.

It lasted until 5:30.


Jack Franks’ 2000 Campaign Manager Revealed as Researcher for Joe Tirio Smear Pieces — 39 Comments

  1. If Joe Tirio decides to serve any papers on Jacko, I hope he arranges it so they are served at a County Board meeting.

  2. The Northwest Herald isn’t a newspaper but a propaganda tool.

    They hide the truth rather than reveal it as a true member of the Fourth Estate would do regardless of who’s involved.

    I stopped my subscription three years ago as there editorial content is on par with that of “Pravda” .

    I’m surprised they didn’t say “Jack Who? “

  3. Read the comments on your previous posts on this topic.


    Cal, you better start giving out free bottles of ketchup because the haters and losers have a lot of words to eat.

  4. So….what do you think will happen to these guys?

    Putting aside who would be held accountable, what will happen to them?

    They said Tirio was crooked?

    How many hundreds of times has Trump called Hillary Clinton crooked??

    Is that libel?

    I got dozens of nasty mailers this election, along with nasty tv commercials and radio ads.

    Still not sure why this one was so much worse.

  5. As the 4 hour hearing progressed, atty Harris and a partner at her firm who also attended hearing made offers meant to forestall contempt ruling.

    She first told the court that she now also represented IIF, and that she would vouch for that client being a known person or persons.

    (Later the judge cautioned defendant Breaker Press that he should consider obtaining independent counsel, due to potential conflicts of interest).

    Judge rejected argument that this would preserve plaintiff rights to toll statute of limitations.

  6. Next, Harris offered a tolling agreement signed by her firm on behalf of John Doe IIF.

    Tirio attorney rejected offer, stating that unknown defendants could change counsel, disagree amongst themselves, or claim any number of arguments to invalidate such a contract.

    Judge also rejected Harris repeated arguments that waiting for an appellate court ruling would not harm tge plaintiff (appeals as to the defamation per se leading to the court order to reveal IIF identification, and subsequent contempt ruling) (which would not possibly arrive until after the presumed deadline for filing defamation suit).

  7. Next offer by defendants’ and now attorney of record for john doe IIF was that she would give the court the names and addresses in camera, not to be revealed until appeals court ruling.

    Later, an offer to reveal the names to plaintiff attorney, but he could not reveal names nor begin discovery until after appeals ran.

    Offers were rejected, and judge was set to rule on contempt of court.

    Attorney Harris then offered an affidavit by Janice Dalton in order to purge her contempt status.

  8. Janice Dalton affidavit stated she had no Knowledge of who created the mailers or paid for their creation and mailing.

    She took the stand and under oath repeated those claims.

    Dalton stated that her friend Marita Buss gave her the mailer, and that was how Dalton robocalls contained language closely matching that on the mailers.

    She stated that she had no contact with anyone involved with the mailers in context of creating or disseminating her robocalls.

    She was then dismissed ss a defendant by the judge.

  9. I have 3 words regarding Noonen, Tenner & Franks:


  10. Wait ! Based on the picture they must all Coach with the Chicago Bears !

  11. Finally the remaining defendant on contempt of court charge was found guilty of indirect contempt and before penalties were declared he apologized to the court.

    Judge sentenced President of Breaker Press to be incarcerated until he cured the contempt of court by complying with court order to reveal identities of those who designed and paid for the defamatory mailers.

    The judge stayed his own sentence until December 28, after Christmas.

    After a recess, attorney Harris declared that defendant was ready to cure contempt and name the John Does.

    He named

    Michael Noonan, Roosevelt Group
    328 s. Jefferson, Chicago


    Sean Tenner KNI Communications
    4807 N. Broadway, Chicago

    Plaintiff attorney questioned defendant about contact with any other parties (than those named) in relation to creation, payment for defamatory mailers.

    He stated that he heard from someone that Jack Franks may have had something to do with it.

    Attorney Harris objected that was hearsay and judge sustained objection.

  12. An element of the “swamp” revealed yesterday is the Roosevelt Group which features Michael Noonan, John Daley, Victor Reyes, Deanne Jaffrey, Chad Hoosier, Matt Sanchez.

    You can read about them here: http://trgil.com/team.html

    They list as their clients:

    Advocate Health Systems
    DuPage County Board
    Enterprise Car Rental
    Global Materials Technology
    Illinois Council on Long Term Care
    Illinois Hospital Association
    Illinois Housing Institute
    Illinois Restaurant Association
    Illinois Small Loan Association
    Nomura Securities
    Saint Anthony Hospital
    United Neighborhood Association
    Yellow Cab

    Based on the picture in this post and the fact that money has been transferred from Jack Franks campaign fund to the Roosevelt group I wonder why Franks is not listed as a client.

    Noonan ” is well known for directing Lisa Madigan’s first statewide race, helping her to become the first female Illinois Attorney General.”

    There are those who believe that Franks was assigned to deliver McHenry County to Mike Madigan.

    Recently it has been said that Pam Althoff resigned from the Senate to lobby for Enterprise Rent A Car – listed as a client for the Roosevelt group. Franks and Althoff are featured being served by the County Administrator in a picture published for a calendar.

    Recently it has been stated that Franks consulted with Koehler and Tryon as to who should replace Craig Wilcox on the McHenry County Board.

    So, could one surmise that some McHenry County Republicans have joined Franks in handing McHenry County over to Mike Madigan?

    All I can say is Thank you Lord for giving us Joe Tirio to put a crimp in their plans!

    Based on what I have read, it would appear that the “swamp” was quite willing to allow Lewandowski to go to go to jail to protect the nefarious deeds of these ‘swamp dwellers’.

  13. Regarding Trump saying Hillary is crooked – Only goofballs, imbeciles, morons and Democrats who voted for her believe she is as clean as the driven snow.

  14. According to this morning’s newspaper, two of the guys named as responsible for the flyer had associations with Democrats Lisa Madigan and Barak Hussein Obama.

  15. It’s dirty politics at its worst!

    Boss hog’s white suit has more than a little mud oozing out the seams!

  16. Are you willing to admit that Jack Franks may have been involved with the mailings now?

  17. CP:

    “Presumably the County Board will ask Franks to resign.”

    And Santa Claus is REAL!!!

  18. Cal Skinner great coverage here . . .now that the Barn Door is open, more answers are answered, just by connecting the Dots.

    Really too Bad, Angel has quietly left the stage.

    Yes I do believe someone had him invade your space, Could It Be Connected?


  19. Time for his highness to resign.

    Way overdue in fact.

    Do we have any board member brave enough to call for it.

    We’ll see.

  20. They said he had a slush fund, they said he hired a bunch of cronies with no evidence.

    Besides for that, they broke campaign finance law by going over the limit and not disclosing.

    What do you dumb apologists keep making excuses for this shitty behavior?

    We want CLEANER elections.

  21. Perhaps Tirio will run for the Chairman position in 2020 and easily beat the current guy in that seat.

    It will be a slam dunk now that the truth is out.

  22. The voters will not only call for it, they will demand he (Franks) resigns.

  23. “An American” is a Franks operative who is going to find himself in a real jam some fine day, in the not so distant future.

    Here is what’s really happening people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agPjFcO6akE

    Quit kidding yourselves. Franks, our lovely local Sayan, wants to enslave you and erect his thought control and political control around your necks for

  24. Have been advised that Dalton swore under oath she did in fact make a robo call.

    Dalton who is stated to be a close friend of Pam Altoff has not filed an election expense for the robo-call.

    The swamp lives.

  25. Need to spend over $5,000 to be required to file a campaign disclosure report with the State Board of Elections.

  26. A motion to censure the Chair would be in order here.

    It wouldn’t carry any real teeth, but it would make Jacko furious and force the RINOs on the Board to actually take a stand one way or another.

  27. Swordfish, I’ve always supported this lawsuit and am certainly not a Franks operative.

    He’s a popular politician and generally a shrewd one, but that doesn’t mean I support him or work for him.

    I think Obama gives good speeches but didn’t vote for him.

    Maybe all that time browsing the chans is making you a little bit loopy…

  28. There is a process in Robert’s Rules for a motion of censure against the Chair.

    The motion is made to the Vice Chair, but IDK if it could be voted on without being put on the agenda first.

    In any case, some of the good Board Members could try to call a special meeting and publicly shame those Members who won’t sign on.

  29. Franks should probably call his lawyers back to the county to make an offer.

    I have a feeling he wouldn’t want discovery.

    They may find a buttload of stuff to sink him or clink him.

    Not saying Tirio and Atty would accept it but it would be the path I’d take.

    Then I’d move or get out of politics while I still could make it my choice.

  30. Franks is between the rock and a hard place.

    He either gets censured or looks like a criminal trying to shut it down.

    The constiuency will be all up in arms.

    Jack should just resign to try and save face as best he can.

    I really believe the power is gone.

    Jack should have a hard time getting any cooperation anywhere.

  31. Franks is damaged goods, a proven scammer and liar.

    The longer he’s attempts business as usual, the more he’ll be resented as a Slick Willy Slime ball.

    This could only hurt his political standing but would be great for a criminal, liability or divorce lawyer for those clients wanting a lawyer that plays dirty.

    The kind of lawyer that can’t put ‘Justice starts here’ on his billboard, without people laughing at that lie.

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