Sheriff’s Department Receives Recognition for Speed Awareness Day Work

A press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Sheriff’s Office Garners Excellence Award for Speed Awareness Day

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office has been accorded the Excellence Award from the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police Association (ILACP) for its contribution on Speed Awareness Day 2018.

The second annual Illinois Speed Awareness Day, July 25, was a coordinated effort among the ILACP; Families Against Chronic and Excessive Speeding; Illinois Department of Transportation; Illinois Sheriff’s Association; Illinois State Police; Illinois Tollway Authority; local law enforcement agencies; school districts; and numerous other private and public agencies throughout Illinois.

The goal was to save lives and prevent injuries by getting motorists to simply slow down, obey the posted speed limits, and more importantly, to not excessively speed.

The 2018 statewide campaign totals were over 1,000 hours spent on education, 1,049 citations and 1,215 warnings were issued.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office issued

  • 67 citations
  • 23 warnings, and
  • had one arrest on that day

“Motorists know that speed kills, and partnerships like Speed Awareness Day help give anyone a reminder of that fact,” said Sheriff Bill Prim. “I am pleased that our staff’s extra effort has brought us this recognition.”

For more information on Illinois Speed Awareness Day, please visit

These partnerships have been formed to help further a traffic safety culture in Illinois and to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries resulting from speeding.


Sheriff’s Department Receives Recognition for Speed Awareness Day Work — 2 Comments

  1. How about yacking and texting distracted driving awareness day ?

    Perhaps this is just too difficult or the fines are not big enough to justify enforcement.

  2. Someone should look at I90.

    It is like the wild west out there with many drivers going well over the 70 limit.

    And some of these moron drivers weave from lane to lane at high speed.

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