Sean Tenner Comments on Illinois Integrity Fund Controversy

McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s County Fair fan.

One of Jack Franks’ election night guests, caught on camera by the Northwest Herald and published on its front page last Saturday, was Sean Tenner.

Tenner of KNI was identified in Judge Kevin Costello’s court last Friday, along with Michael Noonan, as those involved in the printing of the Illinois Integrity Fund’s hit pieces against McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio.

Now a McHenry Times article on what happened when Breaker Press President Richard Lewandowski decided he would give up identifying information, rather than go to jail for contempt of court reports Tenner’s reaction:

“I did not—nor did anyone with my firm—write, design, print, mail or pay for the mailers in question.”

Was it Mike Noonan who put together the hit pieces?

And who gave him the idea of referring to the Recorder of Deeds Automation fund as a “slush fund?”

Who concluded that the four people hired through the Fund’s money were “patronage” employees?

There are so many questions to be asked?


Sean Tenner Comments on Illinois Integrity Fund Controversy — 10 Comments

  1. Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs said “I spoke during a past County Board meeting and pointed out that Franks represents the most evil kind of politics. I was chastised for those comments by certain board members. The news from the recent hearing in the Tirio case appears to validate my comments at that meeting!”


  2. I would like to know the names of the Board members who chastised him, please.

    Also would really like to have posted comments from Board members on what they have to say about this.

    We need to know where these members stand.

  3. Right on, Fed Up.

    Would like to know the names of those Board Members; can we guess??

    Such a bunch of losers.

    and we’re PAYING THEM.

    Harassing speakers who exercise free speech isn’t in the job description of a County Board member.


    Jack Franks’ contractor throws him under the bus?

    Or was it Franks trying to throw his campaign contractors under the bus???


    Pretty sure owner of Breaker Press figured it out by the end of the day when he purged names of involved parties.

    He may have played the game for as long as he could but he wasn’t gonna sit in jail for the responsible party!

    Have the popcorn ready and keep your fingers crossed that Justice for Joe Tirio prevails.

  5. Fedup, Skala, McCann, Kearns and Christensen seem to be the only ones wanting to be dismissive of the statement.

    The audience sure liked it!!!!

    Franks’ clientele should watch his billing.

    Anyone who would lie on an official document to pad his resume would probably pad their bill too, And that is ill

  6. I am being told it was Joe Gottemoller, James Kearns, and Paula Yenson.

    I don’t know these people so no way for me to confirm.

    This information came from a person who knows them and was present during the comments.

  7. Not Joe G! He’s the Prize Fool of McHenry Co!

    All his brown-nosing of Jacko Skank-Franks resulted him having to get his own healthcare insurance now that he’s off the Co. Brd!

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