Anonymous Campaign Pieces against Jack Franks Critics Going Back to 2010 – Part 2

Here is another anonymous flyer that bears the footprints of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks wich was featured in this 2017 article.

This leaflet attacking Chuck Wheeler is put out by a Political Action Committee named “Drain the Swamp – McHenry County.”

Here is the back of the anonymous hit piece attacking McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler:

Keely Cat is on the lookout for young people dropping leaflets at the Skinner household.

The piece is put out by “Drain the Swamp – McHenry County,” a committee for which no contact information is provided.  (The same anonymous committee put out the anti-Donna Kurtz, Jim Heisler piece.)

Wheeler has really irritated Democrat Jack Franks.

When Franks nominated the only Democrat on the County Board to Chair the Public Health Committee, Paula Yensen,she was rejected.

Wheeler ended up in the post.

As an Afro-American, Wheeler also does not fit the Democratic Party’s play book.

All minorities are supposed to be Democrats, right?

Certainly not a conservative Republican like Wheeler.


Anonymous Campaign Pieces against Jack Franks Critics Going Back to 2010 – Part 2 — 19 Comments

  1. Chuck Wheeler is an unapologetic black conservative and advocate for the taxpayers who carries the belief that “Taxpayers Lives Matter”.

    He’s also an advocate for all county residents in demanding good govt practices, honesty and transparency and that’s why Franks hates him.

    Franks sees him as an obstacle to be able to continue pulling the wool over county residents’ eyes.

  2. Obviously Franks and his ilk are looking for low info/low IQ voters, a liberal trademark.

    He did some heavy lifting when he was at his state rep job.

    He sponsored important legislation such as:


    Recognizes Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, being held from May 15 through June 15, 2016 and declares May 31, 2016 as Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day in the State of Illinois.

  3. Ordinarily, a Black candidate subjected to the dirty tricks of political opponents as presented here would get a statewide, if not national and even international coverage.

    But, alas, Mr. Wheeler is conservative.

    So he can be sent to the memory hole along with such people like Alan Keyes.

    The Fake News Herald will not carry it, especially when a jewish grandee, the Dishonorable Jacob Franks is behind the dirty tricks!

  4. I just read this post by ‘Frank Columbo” from an earlier post on this blog …. and it makes real sense as to me given what’s happened to expose the ‘Jackal’s’ warped psychology that even the fake-pillar of the community, Herbie Franks, can’t deny!

    “Jack Franks is a fellow who went astray in many ways: politically, morally, logically.

    Can he repent and be rehabbed? I sincerely doubt it, but I do hope for it.

    And when Franks’ leading role in the libelous ‘anti-crusade’ against Tirio, Brettmann and Shuster finally gets exposed, he can no longer play his tiresome role of ‘perpetual victim.’

    I have always wondered about Franks’ ethics.

    Years ago, I heard him say that the convicted murderers Leopold and Loeb, defended by Clarence Darrow, didn’t get a fair trial in Illinois because the jury was antisemitic and Leopold and Loeb were both Jewish college graduates and sons of very wealthy fathers.

    I always thought that was very strange ‘take’ on the once-sensational, but now forgotten murder case.

    Especially since the young murder victim was also Jewish and was even named Franks! (the victim was even related by blood to Loeb!)

    Despite the fact that both Leopold and Loeb gave detailed confessions, eye witnesses to their attempts to hide evidence, and one of the killers even left his eyeglasses at the crime scene, Darrow went with a jury, but then negotiated his clients’ plea changes to guilty midway through the trial in order to succeed in getting the judge to give the culprits life in prison instead of the death penalty.

    Years went by, and I thought Franks’ comments weird, but then this dawned on me during this Tirio mailing case:

    Leopold and Loeb were, like Franks (our Franks, not Bobby Franks, the murdered youth) highly intelligent, but spoiled rich brats who never worked a day in their lives and had super-indulgent parents.

    And they were also ardent followers of the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and actually believed they themselves were Nietzschean supermen, vastly superior humans, far beyond ordinary moral laws or criminal codes.

    No wonder Franks ‘sided’ with the convicted killers.

    Even though they killed a Franks!”

  5. Don’t worry, Phil Prossnitz will figure out a way to screw up the case against Franks.

    –Can’t tell you how many of my criminal cases were derailed by that low-wattage ‘prosecutor’ … he managed to screw up more than Jack’s little brother David Franks before he was as asked to leave the SA office.

    Local LE cheered when both of them left.

  6. Chuck is probably the only one left on the Board who may raise a rukus about Franks.

    Unless Franks having been revealed to have been behind the black mailers gives courage to some of the previously moribund members.

    We can only watch and hope.

    The January meeting could be interesting….

  7. What is DeputyDoom squawking about?

    Mr. Possnitz did a fine job (so far), I was there in Court.

    But time is running out on Tirio’s case against Jack’s ‘batboys.’

  8. Franks’ brother was an SA?! In this County? NO WAY!

    Deputy doesn’t know what he’s babbling about.

  9. Known Ex, the meeting will be interesting and Franks will be exposed in due time for Franks’ board misconduct.

    As far as Franks’ possible/probable involvement in the IL Integrity Fund’s defamation of Mr Tirio, Chuck Wheeler will be cool like ‘Shaft’ .

  10. Really..calling Phil who graduated from Tulane low that shows real ignorance.

    Chuck Wheeler is above using the race card for anything.

    He is a good man, a good community member and did not deserve this attack.

  11. Deputy Dawg it seems there’s also another common factor in your “derailed” criminal cases besides Prozznitz.

  12. They call Prossnitz ‘the technician’ because he’s great at what he does.

    He prevailed over 2 partners from this boutique Chicago law firm.

    The only thing he screwed up was Breaker Press, Janice Dalton and IL Integrity Fund’ defense.

    Wish I could’ve attended to see this.

    One onlooker said mendell Menkes must’ve thought they were on “Let’s make a Deal!”

  13. You would think any Public servant worth their saltwould love that Tirio is zeroing in on Franks.

    The only ones that dont are the ones that have gotten into bed with Democrats instead of practicing good government and being of service to the taxpayers.

    Skalla, Althoff, Gottemoller, McClellan, Daniel, Yensen, Jett, Kownick, Schmidt, Sager, and more are looking desperately to have a seat at the table to which they’ll only themselves.

    Many others are just gutless wonders looking to stay on the govt’s payroll hoping to fly under the radar of conflict and controversy.

  14. I must come out from retirement to ask this very important question to my sunshine blogger: Do we really need a watchdog or a watchcat? Meeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  15. I must come out of retirement to ask this very important question to my sunshine blogger: What is it exactly needed in McHenry County politics, an Edgar County watchdog or a McHenry county watchcat?

    I yield the floor…meeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  16. Prossnits is OK, I think.

    He prosecuted many crooks in this county.

    And Judge Pitluck hated him.

    That’s a good thing!

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