Emanuel Opins on Political Ethics

The Chicago Tribune quotes lame duck Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on ethics today:

Without naming [Ed] Burke, Emanuel said his legislative actions can’t “replace having a moral and ethical compass that informs your judgment of right from wrong, and what is appropriate.

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Can’t wait for the comments, which I hope will relate to McHenry County.


Emanuel Opins on Political Ethics — 14 Comments

  1. In 2016, Franks received $5,000 from The Burnham Committee – one of Burke’s money drawers – to bolster his run for the County Board, according to campaign finance records. Between 2004 and 2016 Franks received an additional $4,050.

    The friendship between Franks, a Marengo Democrat and former state representative, and Burke has a rich history.

    “We’re family friends and have been for years,” Franks said. “He’s supported my candidacies because of our friendship.”

    Franks’ father, Marengo attorney Herb Franks, served on the Illinois Courts Commission with Burke’s wife, Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke.

    “Our sons are friends,” Franks said. “Ed taught both my boys how to water ski.”

    Franks also has ties to other high-power Democrats, including Secretary of State Jesse White, House Speaker Michael Madigan and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart – three men who have lent their names to several Franks fundraisers.

    The County Board chairman said he didn’t know what to think after learning of the charges against Burke.

    “Justice will play out here,” Franks said. “The wonderful thing about our country is you’re innocent until proven guilty.”

  2. Can we get this on a plaque to mount outside the county building?

  3. If someone, anyone, doing any kind of work and receiving recompense of $400/hour should damn well get their calendar straight.

    You really can’t make this stuff up.

    Complaints can be filed here https://www.iardc.org if so desired.

  4. Re: ” a moral sense and an ethical sense of why we do what we do, who we’re here to work for, and what is our purpose in seeking public life and serving in public life”


    “anything that brings shame to that means that we have lost our purpose””

    Like making false accusations during a political campaign under a ‘hidden’ identity.

    Like using blow up rats to attempt to intimidate the taxpayers and those who actually work to ‘serve’ the taxpayer.

    Like threatening Walkup at the County Fair!

    An elected official who has a personal income well into six figures and can afford to participate in $1,800,000 land purchase deals should be damn well ashamed to be charging the taxpayer for their health insurance!!


    I am referring to none other than the LIAR!!

  5. Love the quotes Cal – they really explain what is going on in Crystal Lake too!

    The Crystal Lake City Council Members have lost their moral and ethical compass when they engage in nit-picking the paperwork of their potential competition, when their paperwork had errors and omissions!


    While it may be legal, it abuses the system and WASTES our tax dollars.

    Using OUR tax dollars so THEY don’t have to run a campaign, fundraise, spend any money or most importantly DEBATE THE ISSUES!

    It also takes away the citizens choice in who represents them.

    Can you say voter suppression?

    I would bet Hopkins, Brady and Ferguson (and even Mayor Shepley in the last election) felt they were perfectly justified in bringing the challenges and spending OUR tax dollars removing their competition from the ballot.

    Makes me wonder, like so many others, what it is that the members of the Crystal Lake City Council and Mayor Shepley don’t want the rest of us to know?

    We already see how slimy they are by having figured out how to abuse the system and use OUR tax dollars to do it.

    What other loopholes have they used/abused and for what purpose?

    I have had the privilege of sitting on many advisory boards and even running one not-for-profit.

    In almost every case, the members forgot the “mission of the organization” and made their personal issues priority.

    Seems to me that the Crystal Lake City Council members and Mayor Shepley have forgotten their “mission”.

    Serving themselves without any respect for the citizens of Crystal Lake when I comes to our elections and our CHOICE.

    Here is their mission – copied from the City of Crystal Lake website:


    “”The City of Crystal Lake is committed to continuing the high quality of life enjoyed by the citizens and businesses of the Crystal Lake community. Our mission is to enhance and preserve this quality of life by providing fiscally sound and responsive services, programs, and facilities with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, and efficiency so that Crystal Lake continues to be a great place to live and work.””
    Shame on all of the Crystal Lake City Council members and Mayor Shepley.

    The City of Crystal Lake Organizational Chart clearly shows “citizens” at the top of the chart.

    Shame on you ALL for putting yourselves at the top of that chart and thinking of yourselves before the citizens you are supposed to be representing!

  6. **Can you say voter suppression?**

    No. This isn’t voter suppression. This is not what voter suppression is.

    **What other loopholes have they used/abused and for what purpose?**

    So, because they’re using legal methods to keep a candidate off the ballot, you believe they are abusing power elsewhere? That’s a pretty meaty allegation. Got any evidence to support such a thing?

  7. Well I didn’t agree with what Shepley was allowed to do a few years ago to Sasha Chadwick.

    That was true candidate suppression.

    This candidate last month handed his paperwork in without the needed paperwork.

    There is NO grace period for that.

    The guy waited til the very last minute and then cries when the admin bldg was closed due to a snow storm.


    And if McClellan back dated a leg document she should be reprimanded.

    She’s supposedly a lawyer?

    Wanting to be a judge?


    And then the candidate cries foul.

    Now Snowflake, you didn’t turn your paperwork in on time.

    It’s no one’s fault but your own.

  8. It would be interesting to hear the tapes the Feds made that helped put Blago in jail. Tapes withheld from the public. Some people think that Emanual was trying to convince Blago to install Obama close friend Valerie as US Senator to replace Obama. Time frame was after Nov 2008 national election.

  9. Loony Democrats scream “voter suppression” when one of their (usually inferior) candidates loses to a Republican.

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