New Kane County Board Member Attacks Health Benefits for Part-Time Colleagues

New Kane County Board member Mohammad Iqbal, a new Democrat, is pushing to end health care benefits for his part-time colleagues.

That was one of his campaign issues.

“Several members have boosted their salary with health and dental insurance benefit packages exceeding $20,000 per year,” the Tribune’s (former Elgin Courier-News) reports Lqbal said.

Board Chairman Chris Lauzen agrees.

Kane County has an Executive Committee consisting of Committee Chairmen, where Iqbal introduced the idea.

His resolution was referred to the Human Services Committee.

The reporter contacted Kane County Board Vice Chairman Angela Thomas, who said,

“Do you have to be independently wealthy to be a public servant?”

“[If so,] then who does that leave around the table?”

McHenry County has no mechanism through which individual members can introduce resolutions that do not relate to a committee on which they serve.

In Kane County, neither Iqbal nor Lauzen, a retired State Senator, take health benefits.

The issue was brought up four years ago by District 1 candidates David Stieper and Andrew Gasser.

David Stieper’s 2014 GOP County Board gravy train campaign piece.

Unlike Lauzen, also a retired legislator eligible for state health insurance, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks continues to force county taxpayers to pay for his family’s coverage.

As a reward, state government sends him $150 each month for saving state taxpayers money.

“The issue is whether the health coverage benefits members have given themselves are legally justified, or that the benefits are a form of corruption with the board members self-dealing at taxpayers’ dollars,” according to Iqbal.

Kane County Board members are paid $25,000 per year, while McHenry County Board members earn about $21,000, plus health benefits.


New Kane County Board Member Attacks Health Benefits for Part-Time Colleagues — 5 Comments

  1. There are very few public servants but a massive den of public parasites.

  2. Does the Kane County resolution setting their compensation mention health insurance?

  3. “There are very few public servants but a massive den of public parasites.”

    One major cause of this is the ‘dirty campaigning’ under the guise of unknown names – eg. Had Joe Tirio not pursued who was behind IIF we would not know that the finger appears to point to the Expert County Liar who in turn gives you, the taxpayer the middle finger “much ado about nothing”

    With people like the Liar interfering in honest elections by falsely denigrating candidates who wants to run for office?

    Prior to the election for the McHenry County Board chair, someone was posting example after example of proven lies by one of the candidates.

    Did the NWH print one or even elude to one?


    But now the NWH is openly attacking people who are not even running for office!


    Ask the guy that owns a shoe store in Crystal Lake or the guy who was fired when blowup rats were placed outside of his place of employment or most anyone else who has the audacity to even question the Liar in chief.

    Why is the NWH doing this?

  4. I would be interested to know if the person promoting this has health insurance already from another source.

    The only members in McHenry County who didn’t sign up for the health insurance were those who already had it.

    Maybe we should get universal health care and then it wouldn’t be an issue.

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