Not About Jack Franks

From a recent newspaper article:

“It’s like when cockroaches, there’s a light that’s shined on them, they scramble, initially they’re silent, then they try to say, ‘Not me, not me,’ ” XXX said.


Not About Jack Franks — 4 Comments

  1. This calls for a little poem, actually a haiku.

    “Skanks Not Us, Claims Franks”

    McHenry cesspool

    All the eggs have been stolen

    Pop goes the weasel

  2. Watch out Ma!

    That might be a death threat in a weasel’s mind!

  3. Actually, this sad situation of ‘pocket fisherman’ Frank’s bosom buddy Eddie Burke’s nabbing calls out for a real poem.

    [Oh, and why o why won’t Eddie’s Wife now resign from her ill-gotten (bought) Illinois Supreme Court perch????]

    “A-Tisket Tasket Basket Case: Jacko Franks” or “Fishin’ in the Great White North & Springfield”

    A-tisket a-tasket
    A green and yellow basket.
    I wrote a letter to Blago
    to get my Daddy, wifey and dumb brother a sinecure.
    But that naughty Blago dropped it,
    He dropped it, He dropped it!
    And, in the ‘Chicago Way’, I dropped it.
    A good little boy FOIA-picked it up,
    And put it on his McHenry County Blog!

    Now everybody knows I’m a lying heel,
    And pig-like, I do try and NWH-squeal,
    Yet it’s all true: I’m just a slippery, slimy eel,
    In fact, I’m really not such a Big Deal,
    -Just a crooked, lying schlemiel — nonpareil!

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