Woodstock TIF District Up for Final Approval Tuesday Night

From Susan Handelsman:

Last TIF 2 Meeting for Woodstock City Council 1-15-19 7 pm

We understand Woodstock TIF 2 is a done deal, as far as Woodstock City Council voting is concerned.

The meeting tomorrow night is simply a final opportunity to put timestamped evidence on record, to take away any plausible deniability for Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Council Members during future inevitable litigation and publicity.

This Woodstock TIF 2 has a great chance of becoming known as the “Typhoid Mary” of catalysts for the breaking point of exploited taxpayer groups necessary for TIFs to exist in Illinois.

Tax districts would be denied any increases in tax revenue generated in this 562 acre swath of Woodstock for 23 years. It represents 5% of Woodstock’s current assessed valuation.

For TIFs to exist like this Woodstock TIF 2 (35-year frozen EAV: 6% of total taxable EAV; 19% of Commercial/Industrial EAV), there needs to be a “bag-holder”, a class of taxpayers so politically unimportant, so un-organized, and so ignorant or careless as to elect and re-elect those such as controlled Woodstock TIF 1 and now control Woodstock TIF 2.

But Woodstock survives because a great percentage of tax money which supports Woodstock citizens’ mandatory social service provision comes from non-Woodstock taxing districts–taxpayers who are needed to pay for Woodstock’s profligacy, but are not allowed a vote on Woodstock’s government.

You might call that “taxation without representation”.

This TIF will be the catalyst to galvanize those exploited taxpayers, those paying into Woodstock Schools, Fire & Rescue, and Rural Library, to divorce themselves from this economically predatory, self-serving municipality’s government’s control.

If you wish to attend meeting: Woodstock City Hall 7 PM Tuesday 1-15-19.

The meeting will be videotaped to watch later if you miss it.


Woodstock TIF District Up for Final Approval Tuesday Night — 3 Comments

  1. A special salute to Woodstock Pols, for dependably coming up with ever-moronic ideas, to solve their previous moronic ideas.

  2. I wouldn’t choose the word moronic to describe humans who are successfully obtaining distribution control over $50 to $100 million of public tax money, with little or no oversight or recourse

  3. Sure their humans beings in the sense that they are bipedal primates of the genus Homo Sapiens.

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