Woodstock Resident Says Tirio Suit “Wasting Everyone’s Time”

The following letter was published in the Northwest Herald and is re-published here with permission of Elliot Cassidy of Woodstock:

Letter: Tirio needs to stop wasting time

Joe Tirio photoshopped by the so-called “Illinois Integrity Fund.” to look like a robber in a mask wearing rubber gloves. Besides the mask, he is show wearing gloves so he won’t leave fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

I’m writing you because Joe Tirio is wasting everyone’s time with his recent lawsuit. If you read [The Northwest Herald], then you know that Tirio sued because of a “malicious” campaign flyer.

The flyer portrayed Tirio with a mask on and called him “Crooked Joe.”

When you peel back the onion, however, you begin to realize that this lawsuit shouldn’t have been brought in the first place.

Tirio said in his lawsuit that the flyers intended to “maliciously” harm him, and he alleges defamation.

If the attacks were so malicious and constituted defamation, then why, on March 18, at a Republican fundraiser, did Tirio put on the same mask portrayed in the flyers just in case, quote,

“You don’t recognize me from the recent publicity I’ve been getting!”

The crowd then laughed with him at his joke.

Tirio’s behavior was hardly that of someone reeling from a malicious attack.

Honestly, Tirio should sue because he was portrayed to look like The Hamburgler more than a malicious political hooligan.

No reasonable person who looked at the flyers would take them seriously.

One of the smear pieces intended to soften Joe Tirio up for the fall campaign against Democratic Party County Clerk candidate Andrew Giorgi.

I’m probably not alone in wanting to put the past two years of politics behind me and am reminded by wisdom from my late grandfather who once said, “Don’t give life to dead situations.”

Joe, please do what you promised and eliminate wasteful government.

This whole sideshow is a waste of time and does nothing to help taxpayers.


Woodstock Resident Says Tirio Suit “Wasting Everyone’s Time” — 11 Comments

  1. It is irrelevant that Tirio could joke about this to a group of people who knew firsthand of his integrity and honesty.

    I have spoken to many citizens who “aren’t political”, who assumed Tirio was dishonest somply due to this mailer….

    Because they couldn’t print something that was not true, right?

    Wouldn’t someone get sued?

    The real damage to every citizen is that malignant lies spread specifically to ruin a man’s reputation have a chilling effect on other people who might have run for public office to fight political corruption.

    This defamatory mailer illustrates
    Political corruption is well funded, and is willing to break the law in efforts to quash political reformers.

    Thank you Tirios for paying the huge price of standing up to them.

  2. Wish he would have given more detail, on the hazards of snacking on leaded paint chips.

  3. Thank You Susan, you are correct and Joe Tirio did the County another service, by exposing who, what, and where the slander came from.

    Now it is time to hold them accountable !

  4. Letter writer said:

    “No reasonable person who looked at the flyers would take them seriously.”

    Unfortunately, we likely have a good amount of voters who are easily fooled by misinformation and fake news such as these flyers and propaganda from the mostly left wing media.

    That media is and has been in the tank for liberals and Democratic candidates and politicians for many years.

    An aside about the use of the word “reasonable”.

    A person in the news in recent years, James Comey, also used the word “reasonable” to justify taking the reckless and irresponsible Hillary off the hook for her failure to adequately safeguard classified and highly secret information.

    Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.

  5. @anotherwatcher:

    ” Now it is time to hold them accountable !”

    It’s coming.

  6. It’s amazing that a non-lawyer has an opinion about this procedure.

    Guess what morons?

    Prossnitz is a lawyer and he has a reason for what he does.

    If you want to second guess an attorney do the following:

    Graduate from High School
    Graduate from a university.
    Go to law school
    Graduate from law school and
    Get a license.

    For guys like Ed Komenda, John Styf and Elliott Cassidy, suck off!

  7. If a “reasonable “ person should be able to see through such a flier, will the same reasonable person be able to spot a letter to the editor staged by Franks?

  8. Being a licensed attorney, I guess you are familiar with 1st amendment rights.

    Doing the things you did to get your license doesn’t give you anymore rights or necessarily make you smarter, maybe just more educated.

    When someone says “I’m an Attorney” it is either to impress or intimidate.

    I am neither.

    You’re just another coward hiding behind a screen name.

    Please take your own advice.

  9. In response to the Woodstock Independent editorial attacking County Clerk Tirio

    Tirio has never left off the people’s business of merging the functions of his two offices. Now he must also devote his personal resources (at considerable personal expense of money and emotional stress due to attacks like the Independent editorial), to another people’s business: standing up to the professional political class who break the law in their enormously expensive efforts to prevent honorable reformers from gaining political office.

    As we all remember, Mr. Tirio was not a professional politician when he ran for Recorder of Deeds on the platform that he would eliminate that unneeded patronage appointment position, and merge Recorder functions into the County Clerk office. His campaign website message IWonthiremyWife.com resonated with County voters paying among the highest property tax rates in America. After winning the County Clerk position he has declined to keep drawing the Recorder salary to which he was entitled, keeping his promise to hold taxpayers’ interests in first priority.

    This anti-Tirio editorial exhibits the same attitude of that professional political class who feel entitled to break laws and rationalize that ” the judge was wrong” . Defamation standards under Illinois law are difficult to meet, and in this case Tirio proved that the mailers were defamatory by those tough legal standards. Defendants flouted the court order to reveal the source of the mailers, forcing further Court intervention. As the judge told one defendant “you may disagree with my ruling, but you do not have the right to disobey it”.

    This case illustrates the effectiveness of employing illegal tactics, and deploying seemingly unlimited funding to evade any consequences, all in the effort to discredit an honest reformer who threatens to disrupt political status quo.
    A chilling effect on would-be reformers entering politics may be assumed. We may also assume that the Woodstock Independent editorial board has motivation to protect this entrenched political class from consequences of their actions.

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