Pam Althoff Named Executive Director of Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois

Pam Althoff

Former State Senator Pam Althoff has been named Director of the Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois.

She currently serves as a District 4 member of the McHenry County Board,



Pam Althoff Named Executive Director of Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois — 10 Comments

  1. Why not she’s an ‘expert’ and a lobbying whore for everything wrong with America and MCHenry County.

  2. Some folks call it (cannabis) dope.

    Seems like a perfect fit to me!

    If she needs help, she can reach out to the dopes who continue to elect her.

    @Bob Battaglia – fortunately, we’re not paying her salary, the dopes who hired the dope will pay.

  3. I see no reason for the name calling and innuendos, it only shows immaturity and disrespect.

    Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years.

    It is about time we have a choice in the matter of natural remedies.

    Where cannabis is legal, the usage of REAL DOPE, opiods, is down significantly.

    Let’s get informed about natural alternatives to big pharma.


  4. Given your extensive research with cannabis over many years, Gary, I’ll concede that your figures are probably correct – at least for now.

    OTOH, doesn’t the legalization contributed to the “addiction” to and use of cannabis add to the problem that “. . .that of all Americans with substance use disorders due to drugs other than alcohol, nearly 60 percent are due to marijuana?”

    Just sayin’

  5. You realize medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are different, right?

    But by all means, keep implying that people with cancer and frequent episodic seizures are just dopey dopeheads.

    You sound like a great political strategist and policy wonk…

  6. From Pammy “the Pig” Althoff’s latest photos [

    Is it cannibis or meth???????

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