Another Meeting on Huntley Library Monday Night At 6

From Huntley Chat:

Due to the questions posed here on Huntley Chat, the library has just added an opportunity to hear first-hand about the financials of the library building project.

On Monday, January 21st at 6:00 p.m. in the library Program Room we will have the Chief Estimator from the construction management company and the Library Director available for a presentation and Q&A session so add this to your calendars. We will also be adding more information to our website soon.

Of course, I’ll be here, too so I look forward to meeting many of you who have posted your questions here. Come learn more! Tours will be available!


Another Meeting on Huntley Library Monday Night At 6 — 7 Comments

  1. My Questions: 1.) Why does the Huntley Library loan videos/DVDs thus competing with private companies?

    2)) Why does the HL have degenerates (ie., Transgendered [pre-and post-operation] ‘storytellers’ in their children’s program?

    3) Why are library salaries and benefits so damn high? Higher than police and fire?

  2. Lou Ness supports the tax hike.

    That’s reason enough to vote against it!

    “People will tell me Woodstock is such a friendly, welcoming town, and it is, except when it isn’t,” said Ness, an Episcopal deacon, community advocate and lesbian who has been in an out relationship for three decades. Ness also is the mother of McHenry County Board District 2 candidate Suzanne Ness. A sign supporting her daughter is on her lawn. “What we’re seeing in the Republican Party is permission to be uncivilized and hateful.”

  3. Ms. Trumpion, who are you to question the mighty minds on the Library Board!?

    They are godlike creatures above ANY criticism.

    You are a mere taxpayer! Got that, a mere taxpayer!

    Who the heck do you think you are questioning the serene geniuses who love to waste money on the stupidest of schemes?

  4. I hope someone will ask these questions:

    Q1. If utization is down 30% and the trend is likely to continue, why do they need a much bigger Library?

    Q2. DVDs constitute 30% of all lending. Why should the taxpayers pay to lend DVDs of recent movie hits?

    Q3. Why is the cost to build so high? And don’t say it’s because of bookshelves because Barnes & Noble has bookshelves just like the library and their space didn’t cost anywhere near as much.

  5. **Why does the HL have degenerates (ie., Transgendered [pre-and post-operation] ‘storytellers’ in their children’s program?**

    Oh good god.

    Do tell why the library should forbid transgender individuals from leading programs.

  6. The only reason they want to expand is because Algonquin library is and you sure don’t want them to have a bigger library than Huntley.

    It doesn’t matter that most music and movies are downloaded so that is an area not needed.

    And what really is not needed is a real estate tax increase for the majority of taxpayers who do not use or care about the library.

  7. There is one more important point that I think should be made.

    The Huntley Library will need to pass a referendum in order to issue bonds.

    Most people who will vote for the referendum will argue, “I favor libraries”.

    This is the wrong way to reason.

    The question is not whether you, personally, favor libraries.

    The question whether you feel this project is so important that you have a right to impose taxes on everyone for it.

    That’s a far different issue.

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