Comparing the Huntley Library Proposal to Geneva’s

Here is information for consideration from a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

You might want to print this out regarding the Geneva IL 57,000 sq ft project (they have theirs online).

Their Architecture firm broke the costs down and it is online at:


I wonder why Huntley hasn’t provided the same thing (as this type of document answers most of my questions).

So, let’s go over some things…. their vague responses/comments from the last meeting are in quotes – of which my responses are after (in brown type).

This is in the Huntley FAQ:

Was there any effort at a proposal to increase that addtl. sq footage by two when approaching the architectural firm (making the addition 33,000 sq ft instead of the present 16,500 sq ft footprint  presently planned for) by adding a 2nd floor to said addition (to connect to the present 15,000 sq ft building) since we are already at a population of 40,000 and the resident to sq footage will still be not enough when considering population growth over the next 20 years?

Or would that have thrown off the aesthetics of the building?

Was this explored officially?

“The library is designed around a similar level of interior and exterior finishes as the existing library so the building addition appears to be harmonious with existing library minus a two story volume.”

When the Library board approached the Architectural firm, was there only one option presented for project bid/costs/requirements?

Was a more inexpensive solution looked at or another option given that would have increased space further to account for population growth or are aesthetics one of the drivers of this project and not just size?

I ask, as couldn’t a two story addition give library patrons even more additional space – with stairs and an elevator for ADA ingress/egress purposes and thus increasing our sq footage yet another 16,500 sq ft to a much better 48,000 sq ft of Library.. thus reducing taxpayer cost in the long run as there wouldn’t be a need for another expansion in 20 years taking into account projected population growth?

By the way, I understand in your online Q/A faq that it is stated that the engineers had determined the main library building could not support a 2nd floor (that isn’t what I am saying), I believe a 2nd floor on the addition would increase the sq ft to almost 47,000 sq ft essentially on the same footprint  the one floor planned addition will occupy and  wouldn’t that be more understandable as an option to Library patrons / taxpayers and the spending of our hard earned tax dollars.

I realize that costs would increase, but we’re already potentially on the hook for $12.9 million, so why not increase the scope and resolve the space issue once and for all while getting the best bang for the taxpayer buck?

Honestly, I would actually vote YES in a heartbeat to a construction plan that made need/costs sense (and a cost benefit analysis breakdown of multiple options presented to Patrons/taxpayers would have been…. prudent considering the library’s future needs… and if we were given the options to choose our poison since it is our money paying for the addition).

I am presently of the opinion that the cost/benefit of the present project is too much money for only a 16,500 sq ft. increase in space.

As of 2020, Geneva Library will be at 57,000 sq ft (for 30,000 patrons, their project is at $21.3 million / meaning they will be prepared for now AND 20 years from now regarding projected growth)… and yet Huntley will be only be at 31,500 sq ft. which barely covers present need, let alone future growth.

The first breakdown below is Geneva’s PUBLISHED costs.

  1. So, Geneva gets 57,000 sq ft for a total budget for $21.3 million $ ($373.68 per sq ft for construction including all ancillary costs as all of this budget resulted in a 57,000 sq ft library). Also, this doesn’t include funds from the sale of the original library.
  • How much per sq ft construction cost for the main building 57,000 sq ft – (that would be $17,392,482  –  $305.13 per sq ft.

o   Construction costs – Building Costs + Furniture – $16,530,000  $290 sq ft. – Sitework + Landscaping =  $862,482   $15.13 per sq ft.  Subtotal –      $17,392,482         $305.13 per sq ft.

  • How much per sq ft Soft Costs Factor Estimated Costsfor the main building57,000 sq ft – (that would be $1,739,248  $ 30.51 per sq ft 

o   Soft Costs Factor Estimated Costs – GC/CM Overhead and Profit 6.0% Included Above – Construction Contingency 10.0%    $1,568,248 – Furniture Contingency 10.0% $171,000

  • How much per sq ft  Professional Fees Factor Estimated Costsfor the main building 57,000 sq ft – (that would be  $2,159,377   $37.88 per sq ft.

o   Professional Fees Factor Estimated Costs – Design Team Fees 8.0%  $1,528,000 – Technology and Security $100,000 – Interior Design Fees $0 – Underwriting costs (Bond+Attorney)  $331,500 – Cost Estimating $25,876 – Construction Manager/Rep Fees (1% of Construction) $174,000

o   –  Soft Costs Total       $2,159,377   $37.88 per sq ft.

v  Subtotal PRELIMINARY ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION BUDGET ALL OPTIONS   $21,291,107  $373.53 per sq ft

  • How much per sq ft Other Owner Costs Factor Estimated Costs for the main building57,000 sq ft – (that would be $1,739,248  $ 30.51 per sq ft 

o   Other Owner Costs Factor Estimated Costs  – Other Direct Purchases (RFID, Computers etc) $400,000 – ComEd and AT & T Costs $0 – Soil Borings 0 lot – $ $5,000 – Construction Testing Allowance 0 allow $ – $51,752 – Environmental Remediation 0 lot – $ – Remediation Consultant 1 lot – $ $0 – Printing Expenses – $ $20,000 – Temporary Facilities / Moving Expenses – $ $85,000 – Permit Costs Allow $ $50,000 -Builder’s Risk Insurance 5.0% – $ $172,507 – Project F.F.E. Other Owner Costs

Total     $784.259    $13.76 per sq ft.

v  TOTAL COMPLETE BUDGET    $22,075,366       $387.29 per sq ft       ß————- This is the final published budget AND square footage  for all 57,000 sq ft of the finished library and accounting for all costs appropriately.


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