Pritzker Signs Illinois Up for the Paris Accord — 16 Comments

  1. Okay, so what does this mean for us poor peons here in Illinois!

    Perhaps this is another level of taxation heading our way that even I did not foresee.

  2. Maybe legislation to force Toyota to make Prius cars more reliable in subzero weather.

  3. Did the earth experience climate change in the previous one billion years before humans introduced industrialization? What exactly where the climate variations in this time frame?

  4. This is a meaningless publicity stunt that doesn’t have any real effect other than to give Pritzker an opportunity to signal to his peeps how virtuous he is.

    A more savvy and patient politician wouldn’t have released this particular manifesto during a long spell of sub zero temperatures.

    I guess the new Guv has problems with impulse control, but I already knew that from looking at him.

  5. Wait till the Governors of Alaska and Texas announce their state’s cecession.

    Oh, yes, it’s going to happen.

    This Fatty Pritzker stunt is all part of the slo-mo breakdown that is accelerating.

    Good bye America.

    It ain’t my country anymore.

    Many will be hanged.

  6. Pritzger is truly hilarious as a politician and human being.

    This is meaningless nonsense and he actually thinks this idiocy means something to someone.

    Only the wildly brainless would fall for this so it immediately shows his complete disdain for his constituency.

    He needs to spend a few less minutes picking up the fork and a few more reading a book while walking a treadmill.

    This kind of thing won’t help him.

    It just sends the message he’s impotent.

  7. Re: “Only the wildly brainless would fall for this”

    Apparently that is a clear majority in this State.

    Another reason good people will not step forward to run for office – a majority of voters only want candidates who possess similar qualities – wildly brainless.

    It was on full display last year.

    Another reason people are leaving this state.

  8. I’m always looking for great accomplishments in Mchenry County Blog posts!

    I have to salute SHe as for achievements in hyperbole.

    Not many people could pack so many ridiculous outrageous “predictions” into one short post and STILL have time for name calling, faux patriotism AND a dire warning of mass executions because of a gubernatorial proclamation!

    I award you the Henny Penny award!

  9. To Pritzkers point, the increased pollution I see and want protection from are all of the undocumented illegal imigrants here now and all future miscreants in this now sanctuary state of Illinois.

    My rights have been lessened and trampled by this bull shit.

  10. Jumbo Boy can virtue signal just like Joe Blowhard.

    He impresses no one but his fellow travelers and himself.

  11. **A more savvy and patient politician wouldn’t have released this particular manifesto during a long spell of sub zero temperatures.**

    A more savvy and intelligent comment would understand that a streak of cold days not only doesn’t disprove climate change, but actually is likely a result of said climate change. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way.

    **I guess the new Guv has problems with impulse control, but I already knew that from looking at him.**

    And oh look! A fat joke.

    **This Fatty Pritzker… spend a few less minutes picking up the fork**

    And another one! And another one!

    Y’all are absurd.

  12. Welcome to America.

    Where Democrats bankrupt their own States, but are able to run Foreign Policy.

  13. Too many Chinese and Indian coal burning electrification plants. Why don’t ding-dongs like Kook Kvidera ever address that?

    Will it be mass hangings or mass shootings?

  14. @AlabamaShake (Did you get that name from that horrible band?)

    The Warmists scream from the rooftops every time there is a hurricane or other natural event, but when we get a near record cold snap, it’s just weather.

    Truth be told, one of the reasons it’s so cold is that the sunspot cycle has entered a minimum phase.

    I realize that it’s difficult for disciples who worship at the feet of Al Gore to understand that changes in solar activity have a great effect on climate, but they really do.

    It’s happened before – the little ice age in the 17th century and, more recently, the extremely cold winters in the late 1970s.

    Your crowd was worried about global cooling then, before you rebranded to global warming and then climate change.

    Many astronomers think this minimum phase will last a couple of years, and some think it will last even longer.

    If they are correct, your peeps might want to think about rebranding back to global cooling.

  15. The problem with solar cycle studies is that they don’t fit into the leftist delusion idealogy.

    Yes, there is pollution but the dramatic effects are certainly due to the cycles of our own sun.

    This is being accepted by more and more rational scientists daily.

  16. If this is the 6th E O Fatty issued, what were the previous five…..(look at serial number at top of the edict)

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