Disney World Would be in Trouble, If It Was Located in Illinois

The Illinois Supreme Court just ruled that a person could sue Six Flags for requiring the submission of a fingerprint.

Six Flags apparently uses similar technology to that of Disney, because its the entity that lost the suit.

It’s been so long since I visited Six Flags, I don’t know the entrance requirement.

At Disney World, however, everyone needs a thumb print to gt in a park.

I’ve often surmised that Disney might have one of the largest personal identification data bases in the world.

I’m right-handed.

On my family’s last visit, I used my left thumb for the first park.

Disney World’s Fantasy Land at night.

At the next one, I used my right thumb.

The Disney employee denied me entry until I used my left thumb.

Maybe that’s a good sign.

Perhaps it means that Disney does not archive fingerprint information.

If a law similar to the Biometric Information Privacy Act existed in Florida, it appears Disney would have to change security procedures.

On second thought, since fingerprinting would be OK with prior consent, it probably would just mean Disney would require visitors to sign a new form.


Disney World Would be in Trouble, If It Was Located in Illinois — 3 Comments

  1. LOL – your entire post is nullified by your last sentence.

    All Six Flags needs to do is inform its customers, and obtain prior consent. They didn’t do that. They didn’t follow the law. So they can be sued.

    FWIW – this case wasn’t actually about whether or not Six Flags broke the law. It was about whether or not the family could sue over it.

  2. Six Flags should have a Disneyland-like Animation Hall of jailed Illinois Pols.

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