High School Teacher, Now Running for Wheaton City Council, Calls Jeannie Ives “Racist”

I guess id one is a Republican, some folks consider you automatically a racist.

Consider the following post card sent to the Wheaton Bowl by Erica Bray-Parker, now a candidate for the Wheaton City Council:

Postcard sent to the Wheaton Bowl, presumably a supporter of Jeannie Ives over Bruce Rauner for Governor.

The back of the post card calling Jeannie Ives a racist.

Ives has this comment:

Wheaton residents.

Jeannie Ives

This woman – Erica Bray Parker – is running for Wheaton City Council.

She is unfit to represent business owners or any other decent human being.

She is a Civics teacher at Glenbard North who is uncivil. She is a Democrat Socialist.

Read the front of the postcard she sent to businesses.

What civics does she espouse when the postcards at her desk say “People and planet are valued over profit?”

I tell you what it means –

She will tax you to pay for her special interests.

She will tell you what you can do with your property.

She will ban speech she doesn’t like.

She will side with the state on every zoning issue.

She will enhance salary and benefits to the well off public sector workers which will raise your taxes.

People like her have no regard for personal property rights.

Wheaton- Erica Bray Parker cannot be elected, make sure she isn’t.


High School Teacher, Now Running for Wheaton City Council, Calls Jeannie Ives “Racist” — 11 Comments

  1. The really sad part is that people like McSweeney and several other well known establishment owned Republican politicians refuse to understand they are being manipulated by SJWs to make frequent mis-use of the words ‘racist’, ‘anti-immigrant’ and other SJW labels.

    I am told that the words ‘social justice’ were used much more frequently during the Super Bowl on Sunday then the the word ‘score’.

    Jeanne was also the first State politician to denounce the death threat against the family of Peter Breen.

    The threat was made on the floor of the State Legislature by a member of the Pritzger ‘transition’ team.

  2. Pulled my DuPage Tax Bills and I’m paying for High School District 87 and their garbage people.

    Starter list of solutions:

    1. Complaint letter to the elderly Maoist School Board
    2. Cash out refi’s, walk and have bank pay for this crap.
    3. Cancel insurance,just burn them down and let the County figure it out.

  3. Just getting ready for Civil War II.

    A counter action should be initiated.

  4. You people are dull, like sheep.

    ‘Out of towner’ is right, you are being led to your own slaughter.

    Your children will be brutalized in various ways. Your land is being taken. Your culture is being wrecked.

    You are being dispossessed.

    Sit by and watch. Or fight them.


  5. ‘no longer be frequenting’ did she ever in the first place??

    We should be doing this to any place that has Jack Franks, Althof, Mahady or Reick signs up.

  6. With each passing day, the Socialists are becoming more desperate and increasingly emboldened
    especially now that Jumbo Boy sits on his “throne” in the governors mansion.
    Feeling a bit “triggered”, Joey Blowhard ? MAGA#45

  7. Would like to know if this teacher injects her bias in the classroom and tries to brainwash students with her goofball politics.

  8. @bred winner

    You have to ask?

    Of course she does.

    She likely has tenure and unless caught in the act of having sex with a student or stealing from the school district she’s untouchable.

  9. Erica A Bray – Parker

    Candidate for Wheaton City Council.

    Day job is a teacher at Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, which is in Glenbard Township High School District 87 in DuPage County.

    2017 – $125,978

    2016 – $124,245

    2015 – $122,028

    2014 – ? (Neither Open the Books nor the ISBE TSR covers 2013 – 2014)

    2013 – ?

    2012 – $105,005

    2011 – $102,215

    2010 – $096,445

    2009 – $093,148

    2008 – $087,757

    2007 – $078,880

    2006 – $073,001

    2005 – $068,534

    2004 – $064,084

    2003 – $060,118

    2002 – $055,866



    2002 – 2012 is from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Teacher Service Record (TSR); and is the base salary not including any extras such as stipends and other income.

    The pensionable income for these years could be obtained by submitting a FOIA request to the Teachers Retirement System (TRS).

    The TSR was discontinued after 2012 and replaced with another report which contains less data.

    2015 – 2017 is from Open the Books and is pensionable income (includes stipends and possibly other extras).

    2017 was the her 16th year teaching in the district, and 23rd year teaching in the state.

    Since 2002 she has taught at Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream.


    As an FYI, the other three high schools in Glenbard Twp HSD 87 are Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn, Glenbard East High School in Lombard, and Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn.


    Full retirement for TRS Tier 1 (she is a member of TRS Tier 1) is after 35 years of service.

    Years of service is often greater than years worked, as TRS Tier 1 can exchange up to 2 years unused sick leave for 2 years of service credit).

    The basic pension formula for TRS Tier 1 is 75% of the average of the last 4 years worked.

    Since 2017 was her 23rd year teaching, her starting pension will likely be above $100,000, as she will need minimal raises to reach an average of $133,500 for her last 4 years worked.

    For example, the 2017 pensionable income was $125,978 in her 23rd year teaching.

    Assuming she does not get another raise and works for the next 10 years, she would have 33 years worked, and if she saved her sick days, could exchange them for 2 years of service credit, and thus retire with 35 years of service credit.

    $125,978 x .75 = $94,483 starting pension if she did not receive another raise after 2017 and worked for 10 more years and exchanged 2 years unused sick leave for 2 years of service credit, thereby reaching full retirement with 35 years of service credit.


    The Teachers Retirement System of the State of Illinois (TRS) pension fund is less than 40% funded.

    That is horrendous funding level for a pension fund.

    The primary drivers of the underfunding were repeatedly hiking salaries and benefits (by making more lucrative pension laws) while annually underfunding the pensions.

    Basically the state and local did everything wrong.

    Benefit levels should have been frozen until pensions were fully funded.

    Salary hikes should have been kept to a minimum until pensions were fully funded.

    Perversely, money was diverted from state pension contributions to salary hikes, which was a double problem, as that drove the eventual pension payouts up while driving funding for those pension payouts down.

    A major problem with underfunded pensions is pension interest owed by taxpayers to compensate for lost investment returns.

    In other words, there are no investment returns on the 60% missing funding!

    Guess who makes up the investment returns on the 60% missing funding?

    The taxpayers.

    The underfunding escalated after one sentence was added to the state constitution on December 15, 1970.

    That was part of the 1970 state constitution re-write approved by voters.

    But voters did not understand the ramifications of that sentence.

    The sentence emboldened politicians to hike salaries and benefits, while the pensions were already underfunded and continued to be be underfunded, and the unions lobbied for the hikes knowing pensions were being underfunded, all because the benefits once hiked could not be diminished or impaired per the state constitution.

    It is a dysfunctional taxpayer unfriendly opaque mess.

    It is a scam.


    There have talks for some time now of various types of Federal bailouts for private sector multi-employer and state and local pensions, as well as Social Security, student loans and more, using the logic the Federal Government has had various other bailouts including UAW private sector pensions for GM.

    ProPublica, Investopedia and others have written about top Federal Government bailouts.

    But as in the above example with the compensation of the teacher doubling in 15 years, there has not been a serious effort on the part of state and local to reign in salaries to protect pensions.

    No consideration during collective bargaining of pension funding levels.

    Salaries keep increasing.

    It’s just jack up salaries and benefits and ask the taxpayers to fund the pensions somehow, some way, someday.

    So due to the potential of Federal bailouts, it’s unknown how lucrative fleeing Illinois will be over the long haul.

    There are a lot of moving parts and variables.

    Meanwhile in the short term and recent past a lot of people have left Illinois and it appears that trend is continuing.

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