Time Sheet Overtime Falsification Results in Two LaSalle County Indictments Last October

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent images of an article published in LSalle County’s News-Tribune.

It concerns a public employee having falsified time sheets:

Time sheet manipulations in the LaSalle County Auditor’s Office resulted in indictments.

According to local radio station WCMY, two government employees–Tori Artman and Pamela Wright–were

charged with

  • conspiracy to commit theft upon a governmental entity
  • theft of government property in the $500 to $10,000 range, and
  • official misconduct.

The incidents occurred or began on October 24, 2016 according to the court records currently available.

The News Tribune added,

court records indicate each is accused of stealing less than $10,000 in government funds and conspiring with one another to do so.

Artman is accused of taking $1,358.88 and Wright is accused of taking $1,672.86 over roughly 9½ months, from late fall 2016 until late summer 2017…

The most serious of their three counts is theft of governmental property, more than $500 but less than $10,000, a Class 2 felony with a base sentencing range of 3-7 years in prison.

The case has not yet come to trial.

One of the defendant’s attorneys claims the State’s Attorney brought the charges because the Auditor’s Office refused reimbursement for a book for which the States’s Attorney had no receipt, the paper reported on January 18th.

As of January 25th, the two Deputy Auditors are negotiating


Time Sheet Overtime Falsification Results in Two LaSalle County Indictments Last October — 10 Comments

  1. Where is the McHenry county States Attorney?

    The evidence appears clear but I guess politics has a lot of influence.

  2. Sounds like they have a States Attorney who is willing to act.

  3. By taking time to attend County Board and committee meetings, Anna Mae was able to justify overtime pay to make it up.

    So not only is she making a County Board salary, she is cleaning up at the Road District.

    People in administrative jobs that are full time are usually not hourly employees.

    The Peter Principle is at work here.

    Work expands to fill the time available.

    People in administrative jobs can lollygag during regular hours so they “have” to work overtime.

    This is another example of how the Miller Crime Family scam worked.

    All of the money that was paid to Anna Mae went right back to Bob so of course he doesn’t mind paying it.

    If this were a private business that would be OK, but here the money is coming from the taxpayers.

    This is why the county has policies to prevent the hiring of close family members by department heads.

    MCDOT can’t hire family members who work directly or indirectly under a close relative.

    Towhships and township Road Districts have no such rules.

    Neither do directly elected county officials like the Clerk.

    Why doesn’t McSweeney introduce bills to do something about this?

  4. If you’ve ever read the idiotic Mission Statement of your States Attorney, his primary “Function” is to provide “advise and representation”, to all these gadflys you elect.

    I highly recommended reading his Web page, it’s a laugh riot.

  5. Wake up, McHenry County.

    You’ve been duped by a Sierra Club, Closet-Democrat who is only out to save His job by not ruffling anyone’s feathers.

    I guess if he had done his job with the Miller Klan debacle Algonquin Township would have been paid back and justice would’ve been served.

  6. Pat Kenneally is another time serving hack. His past bears scrutiny.

    It was all there for all to see.

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