Advice for Cities: Embrace the Sububs

That’s what this column in Crain’s Chicago Business says:

Rust Belt cities should try embracing the suburbs

Merging aging urban centers with surrounding municipalities shows promise as a path to revival.


Been there, done that.

180,00 of these pamphlets were ;printed on Cal Skinner, Sr.’s, offset printing machines and distributed all over the metropolitan area.

The RTA was created ti bail out the Chicago Transit Authority.

We opponents of the referendum discovered a document that said the reason was the CTA could no longer afford all night service and needed more money.

Then, there was the Gautreaux case in which a Federal court  decided to solve the Chicago Housing Authority’s segregation problem by going beyond the Chicago city boundaries to involve the entire metropolitan area.

Anyway,  we in McHenry County substantially subsidize Chicago already through State Aid to Education and any number of social welfare programs.

So, thanks, but no thanks to another bail out Chicago program.


Advice for Cities: Embrace the Sububs — 17 Comments

  1. This is just a clever way to, once again, make White areas subsidize failed Minority areas.

    As long as people can vote with their feet, they will leave dangerous, degenerate areas and relocate to safer ones.

    That is human nature and self preservation.

    Ande the reason why more and more productive people are leaving Illinois in droves.

    They can sense what is coming.

    And they are tired of being crime, tax and culture victims!!!!

    This video explains much:

  2. While the competition on this blog for the most racist, bigoted, and fearful individual is great, ole swordy is always in the running.

    Keep on running, swordy. Or do an ole abe and just grip about Illinois and stay put.

  3. Let Chicago solve its own problems in the future, “going forward”.

    We in surrounding, nearby counties such as McHenry don’t want nor need the
    political corruption, crime or shenanigans of those in power in Chicago.
    One huge shenanigan back in the 1950’s was the fraud by Chicago to capture
    O’Hare field as its own by using a sliver of land the width of the Kennedy
    Expressway to make O’Hare its own. That airport should have rightly belonged
    to nearby communities such as Rosemont and Schiller Park. Rather than
    Chicago O’Hare it should have been known as Schiller Park O’Hare or
    Rosemont O’Hare.

    No thank you. We don’t need no stinkin mergers of outlying counties and
    towns/cities with Chicago and Cook County. The problems and influence
    of Chicago and Cook County should remain within the current borders.

  4. **This is just a clever way to, once again, make White areas subsidize failed Minority areas.**

    Good god. And knowing that comments are moderated, one must ask why the racist comments always get approved?

  5. @Bred winner

    I know what you’re saying but just to be clear. O’Hare first opened to commercial air traffic in 1955.

    Rosemont was not incorporated until 1956.

    I suspect Donald Stephens who was the first and only mayor of Rosemont until he died in 2007 saw gold in them there fields.

    Hard to say which crooked administration would have cost us more.

    Chicago’s or Rosemont’s

  6. Not racist – realist.

    Lefties do not like to hear the truth about their utopian social program failures.

  7. Hey Alabama, it’s called free speech.

    It is the 1st amendment to the Constitution.

    Get over yourself.

    And actually, go F yourself.

  8. Regarding Chicago politics and Ohare Airport.

    Rosemont Illinois was incorporated in January 1956.

    The Chicago City Council annexed Ohare Airport in March 1956 even though a number of suburbs such as Schiller Park had objected to that annexation.

    Schiller Park and Rosemont were closer to Ohare property than was Chicago.

    Chicago annexing Ohare with a thin strip of land is similar to gerrymandering of congressional districts resulting in ridiculous map boundaries.

  9. Golly, forty-some years later that RTA hatred still burns!

    I guess it’s nice to see that we finally get some honesty about the opposition with Swordfish’s white/minority remark.

  10. I watched the Utube video on the first post.

    It’s true.

    And people like “Alabama” want to prevent us from knowing what’s really going on.

    Racist, racist, racist!

    That’s how they rebut what was presented.

    Well, it won’t work any more.

    People are getting fed up!

  11. Tom, your pretty good at calling things racist, but I now call you a racist.


    Because you won’t deal with what’s being written.

    You just scream “racist” every chance you get.

  12. johnsburger, Yep.

    I will call out racists and bigots any chance that I get.

    I call out individuals on this blog who are either or both a racist and/or bigot.

    There are many who visit.

    Mostly they are scared folk who blame most change on “the other”.

    cal feeds them blasts that feed their fear.

    As to your reference of dealing with what is written, I refer you to cal’s warped choice of posts that feed the weak and scared readers, and swordy’s videos.

    Of course, one can read the comments.

  13. It seems that it is those who are mostly leftists, liberals, Democrats, socialists, do-gooders and bleeding hearts that are “holier than thou”. These folks are usually bereft of logic, have no real argument or rationale, and are quick to unjustly accuse others of being racist.

    How ironic that some of the real racists recently in the news are top Democrat politicians in Virginia. A top woman commenter, and flaming liberal/socialist/leftist, on morning national network left wing talk show last week admitted that she was once a black facer just like two top Democrat politicians of Virginia.

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