Star 105 Sold for $4,7 Million

While the price of newspapers continues downhill, that does not seem to be the case with radio stations.

Consider that the Daily, Herald is reporting that the two stations broadcasting from next to the McHenry County College campus were just sold to Alpha Media for $4,7 million:

Feder: Matrix sells northwest suburban 103.9 The Fox, Star 105.5

Two northwest suburban radio stations owned by Matrix Broadcasting — classic rock WFXF 103.9-FM and adult contemporary WZSR 105.5-FM — will be acquired by Alpha Media in a $4.7 million deal, according to an FCC filing Monday, Robert Feder writes. Full Story


Star 105 Sold for $4,7 Million — 3 Comments

  1. It’s actually $4.7 for both stations. I’m sure Star is well worth it. They do a great job.

  2. They’re not buying the humans or the local programming.

    They just want the antenna. 105.5 and 103.9 will simply relay corporate mass-programming.

    Say goodbye to all of the radio DJs there.

  3. I read that they need to sell 103.9 and will do so for $900k.

    This makes 105.5 worth $3.8M.

    Great radio station IMO.

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