Skillicorn Starts Campaign to Bag Bag Tax

Allen Skillicorn writes, “Have your state rep cosponsor HR156 today to stop the silly #bagtax ! Then share the graphic. “


Skillicorn Starts Campaign to Bag Bag Tax — 6 Comments

  1. Say “YES” to the bag tax.

    Don’t we have enough plastic in the ocean?

  2. Heinrich may want to look into the source of the plastic in the ocean.

    10 Rivers account for 95 % of the ocean plastic.

    In East Asia: Yangtze, Yellow, Hai He, Pearl, Amur and Mekong

    In South Asia: Indus and Ganges Delta

    In Africa: Niger and Nile

    Taxing plastic bags is simply another proposed revenue source and will do absolutely nothing to reduce ocean plastic.

    Instead of a tax on plastic, how about removing taxpayer support for baby killers?

  3. Damn it! Out of towner ‘stole’ my material for rediculing the Yes Tax pundit class f’wits.

    I’m filing a complaint to the Comedy Police.

  4. Say “YES” to paper bags which are environment friendly. Free at Jewel, 4 cents at Aldi.

    Bringing in own cloth bags to stores should be discouraged or banned. Don’t know where some
    people store these bags in their homes and they could be bringing in germs and bacteria from
    dirty houses and filthy people, pets, cats, dogs, etc.

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