Update on Algonquin Township Road District Suit Against Supervisor

From Algonquin Township Road District Attorney Rob Hanlon:

Please find attached the order entered today in re the matter of Algonquin Township Road District v Charles A. Lutzow., Jr. on the Motion for Entry of a Default Judgment against Mr. Lutzow.  Had I not been gracious Mr. Lutzow was at risk of a multi-million dollar judgment agasint him personally.   Mr. Kelly appears not to be too concerned about Mr. Lutzow’s interests having failed to answer or otherwise plead to the complaint, as required.

Mr. Kelly’s new associate, Mr. Lenzen appeared today on behalf Mr. Kelly and the Defendant Mr. Lutzow.  He actually asked for 45 additional days.     I informed the court that I had no objection to additional time; however, I conditioned my ojection on the basis that a  a reasonable period of time ought to be allowed not the requested 45 days, without having even filed any responsive pleading. 

The court allowed the Defendant an additional 14 days (3/15/19) to answer or otherwise plead to the complaint.   You will note that the NWH will not undertake a similar hit piece on Mr. Kelly for his failure to respond timely, but had no problem taking that position when they erroneously thought that I missed a date on the exat same issue.


Update on Algonquin Township Road District Suit Against Supervisor — 22 Comments

  1. Update – Race to see who can be the bigger asshole.

    Seems that Hanlon takes the lead by virtue of him charging more per hour and filing this ridiculous lawsuit.

    Who cares if the NWH doesn’t like you.

    Why does this take lawsuits and motions to just change the names of the accounts.

    Taxpayers lose again.

  2. The NWH has an ‘agenda’ and it does not favor ANY honest conservative attempting to actually ‘serve’ the public nor it does it favor any attorney who is working on behalf of honest conservatives.

    Their ‘agenda’ only favors liars plus anyone who is willing to attack honest conservatives and all supporters of the euthanasia of the unborn.

  3. Wait, are you saying Gasser is honest?

    The court ruling for the union today may change your tone.

    More to come!

  4. Good question Stephen Pokorny.

    Why does it take a lawyer to get the money into the proper acct.?

  5. Nob, youre on the wrong side of issues.

    Gasser is a lot of things. Dishonest ISN’T one of them.

  6. Saying to a judge you understand what is expected of you, that the military taught you how to follow orders and the law, and then not doing it isn’t very honest friend.

    He’s lied to the courts, other elected official’s, and of course to tax payers, that pattern is not a ethical or honest pattern.
    Take off the blinders, it’s time to be honest with yourselves, he is not a hero.

  7. Anti incumbent, anti township, anti nepotism, the guy just hit it right, no talent was involved.

    A lucky roll of the dice that tax payers are paying big time for now.

    You were warned.

  8. For clarification:

    What was contained in this article is the text of my e-mail to Mr. Gasser sent to him after I returned from court.

    The communication becomes a public record as soon as I send a message to the public body.

    And was forwarded upon request.

    In response to Stephen Porker – “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” W.Shakespere.

    Perhaps you should go to your bank and have them place all of you money in someone else’s name.

    See if that’s a good idea.

    Perhaps Porker would embrace having an accountant place his money in accounts in the name of “Phil McCracken” if his accountant kept buying him toilet paper.

  9. Hanlon should be able to spend his valuable time on other things than trying to reason with such dull creatures as Pokorny or Lawrence.

    Mr. Lutzow, however, takes the cake!

    Here’s a brainscan of his brain activity (from May 11, 2018)

  10. Casey I believe you are right. Although incompetent, narcissistic, ignorant and hypocritical all come to mind.

  11. Brilliance from a court orator. Nice, Did I touch a nerve.

    Did you learn to be an asshole in law school or just self made man.

    Be blessed. Just change the names and quit billing us.

    Brilliant work on the arbitration order.

    Tax payers lose again.

  12. As for feeling generous, you know as well as I any personal judgement would have been vacated. Who are you crappin

  13. The name wouldn’t matter moron, it would still be my money.

    I wouldn’t have to hire an attorney to get it.

    Phil Macracken. Seriously you’re as juvenile as your client.

  14. Stephen, a name matters and we proved that.

    We did gave to hire an attorney and get a court order to get paid because the claimed there were no accounts for Algonquin “road district”.

    The bank and Lutow created that mess and we understand it’s still a mess.

  15. Why does it matter, was access to the funds not available as needed?

  16. Nob: Correct. Access to the funds were denied when our first attempt to discover assets of the Road District came back from the bank as ZERO assets.

    How do you think the Road District found out about their funds being placed in an account not in the Road District’s name?

  17. Wow, your attorney had to do more work.

    The money was still there.

    It doesn’t take thousands of dollars and a lawsuit to correct this.

    Maybe your attorney is a moron.

    Nobody cares if you had to do a more extensive search.

    You got your money.

    Moron Hanlon your Shakespeare quote supports the fact that the name on the accounts shouldn’t be that big a deal.

    Now there will be less thanks to you.

  18. Not for the Dog’s piling on, was the Treasurer not able to pay the bills from those accounts for Road district bills audited and approved by the board for payment?

  19. Kirk-what you proved is that you can make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    And we shall call this mountain, Mt Rectumis after the anal retentive explores who discovered this mountain.

    the only person this was an inconvenience to was you.

    Nobody cares.

  20. Stephen Pokorney, please don’t hyperventilate. I’m worried about your physical and mental health.

    I feel Mr. Allen, Gasser, Hanlon and Illinois Leaks have done an excelklent job of exposing corruption locally.

    Good work!

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