Skillicorn Holding “Fire Lauren Underwood Pizza Party” in McHenry Today

This letter inviting people to a “Fire Lauren Underwood Pizza Party” today in McHenry certainly removes any doubt that State Rep. Allen Skillicorn has congressional ambitions.

The event will be held at Jexel’s Wings-Zeria, which is located at 1260 N. Green Street in McHenry.


Skillicorn Holding “Fire Lauren Underwood Pizza Party” in McHenry Today — 17 Comments

  1. Loren who ?

    The phony nurse that never practiced in Illinois, or anywhere else … that Loren ?

    Just another DEMOCRAT carpetbagger.

    Send her to New York, maybe she can hook up with AOC.

  2. Skillicorn doesn’t live in the 14th, why isn’t he running against Casten instead?

  3. Don’t think he can win a general, but it’s smart of him to do an early fundraiser like this.

    That wing place gets good reviews too.

  4. It’s ‘Lauren’ Underwood and Yes, she is a lying radical that needs to be voted out!

  5. The US Constitution says one must live in the state where one runs, not the district.

  6. Who’s Loren Underwood and why does Cal want him/her fired?

  7. LOL

    She has not even been in office for 2 months…

    Seems like blatant party politics – give her a chance!

  8. She’s already done more than Hultgren did in his entire time in office.

    She’s the best rep there has ever been…go Lauren!

  9. Skillicorn seems to be one of the rare, decent politicians out there.

    Always updating and informing his constituents.

  10. Awful woman!

    Let’s replace her with someone who doesn’t lie and someone who understands the constitution, can prioritize, and won’t be looking to expand on late term abortions that will make killing babies legal.

    She’s a damn disgrace!

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