Kenneally Sets $250 Algonquin Re-Election Fundraiser

$250 gains entrance to Patrick Kenneally’s first fundraiser for his re-election campaign for McHenry County State;s Attorney.


Kenneally Sets $250 Algonquin Re-Election Fundraiser — 15 Comments

  1. Wonder if the Millers will be donating?

    No one else from Algonquin township should.

  2. “Wonder if the Millers will be donating?”

    Maybe the Nob and / or Rachel?

  3. Cant wait to vote out this incompetent POS –

    I miss Bianchi –

    Sad to admit I voted for PK but he has to go – clearly corrupt.

  4. “Clearly corrupt”: please state the facts that prove his corruption.

    Make your case, since you say it is clear.

    You have evidence, I’ll back you up.

  5. Ya know he’s in a bad spot, he doesn’t have the budget to enforce the laws AS EVERYBODY WANTs.

    If he takes on Miller, he’d have to go after Gasser, and a bunch of other McHenry co people also because of the politics of the game.

    Budgets are often a problem for politician’s, as they should be.

    If ya want more legal action by our SA, send more tax $$$$, it’s that simple.

    Who’s running against him, it’s often that election take a nose pinch as you vote kind of dealy.

  6. Funny, Lou Bianchi was able to prosecute criminals and he started a drug court and some new Domestic Violence protocols.

    I, too, supported Keneally and now regret it.

    Is there anyone running against him?

  7. Kvidera (or is that Kviders) For the first time I agree with you!

  8. Joe, no Lou didn’t prosecute AS EVERYBODY WANTS, he did it as he could and had the budget for investigations and whatever.

    No gov official has the budget to buy votes like they would like to, even with all the gov borrowing there never is enough $$$$ to buy all the votes.

  9. You nob,are truly a fool. Go back to washing dump truck yupy cos, don’t try to think

  10. You nob,are truly a fool.

    Go back to washing dump trucks, don’t try to think

  11. Even with my grave disappointment in Kenneally’s failure to go after the Millers I can tell you right now, Regina would’ve been a disaster.

    And the long haired hippie would’ve been awful too.

    Harrison is a pansy.

    We got the best out of who was running.

    We will have to see who/if anyone runs against him who has a great record of going after these types of crimes.

    It won’t be a Democrat or anyone Franks supports, I can guarantee that.

    Yeah kind of a mistake to hold this in Alg township tho.

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