Terry Kappel Schedules Pro-Immigration Rally in McHenry Monday Night

Local Democratic Party activist Terry Kappel is organizing a rally at the corner of Routes 31 and 120 for Monday night’s rush hour.

Details are below:


Terry Kappel Schedules Pro-Immigration Rally in McHenry Monday Night — 21 Comments

  1. Very pro legal immigration.

    Enact realistic immigration laws.

    All who enter illegally deported immediately.

    No lotteries, chain migration, fake refugees, or anchor babies.

    Only look at what has happened in Germany and Sweden at the immigrant populations that refuse to integrate.

    The Somali community in Minneapolis is a prime example.

    We do not need additional uneducated immigrants who strain our welfare, legal, health care, and educational systems.

  2. Not quite sure when f’wits like Kappel made illegal entry a synonym for immigration, but hey here we are.

  3. Seems to be a no win no matter what.

    You lock these people up separately and they complain.

    You lock them up together and activists still complain about it.

    You propose building more facilities to temporarily house/jail the border crossers and they complain you want to add more to the prison industrial complex.

    You don’t do anything and they complain there aren’t enough beds and the facilities are too crowded.

    Really seems like the end goal for liberal activists is catch and release for all people coming into the country, and then to give them all welfare and the right to vote too.

  4. Agree with Paul Mac comments.

    The U.S. is and has been the most pro “legal” immigration nation in the world of over 200 nations.

    This includes the past two years under the current presidential administration.

    In recent years, over one million “legal” immigrants have been admitted annually to our country.

    The facts and data about this can be found at the web site of Homeland Security at dhs.gov.

    The mostly left wing media has been ginning up stories about immigration and strongly implying that illegal immigrants are of the same status as those who come to our nation legally.

    Most of the media cannot be trusted.

    In addition, most in the media are in the tank and promote the causes of Democrat politicians and their failed ideas and policies.

  5. Suspend ALL immigration until we can get a handle on who should
    stay, and who is to be deported.

    It’s the only way to regain control of our country.

    NOW or NEVER, the consequences of continuing on as we have been are just to great to ignore.

  6. ole abe, we are know one individual who should self-deport from Illinois.

  7. What is the purpose of this divisional post Cal? What happened to the right of assembly? Oh that’s right its McHenry County!

  8. Relative to “families belong together” tell that to the millions who are waiting in line to come here legally!

    If you attend this rally you are supporting the continued separation of families suffered by those who are waiting to join their relatives already here legally.

    If you believe that the support of ‘open borders’ is the answer I want you to meet the real victims: https://www.bostonherald.com/2019/02/14/voices-of-victims-of-illegal-immigration-must-be-heard/

    The current system is ‘dysfunctional’ because of under-funding by Republicans in the past and now by the Democrats plus the negative impact of judges who are preventing an end to ‘sanctuary’.

  9. Let everybody in, fight Voter ID with stupid arguments and gain voters.
    It’s that simple.

  10. That is a very busy corner. Lots of traffic going by there in the late afternoon. Will they be disrupting the traffic in that drivers will be distracted? Will they be contributing to distracted driving? Have the police been notified? Is a permit needed? Will they be on private or public property? Does the city of McHenry require a permit for a rally and/or a demonstration?

  11. Isn’t he the loon Jack Franks got kicked of the Democrat Primary ballot back in the 90s?

    Jack tried to remove Frank McClatchy, too, but failed

  12. This sounds like a great opportunity for ICE to conduct a roundup.

  13. I drove by at 5:30. No one there yet.

    Not very punctual are they…….

  14. Morons like King Kook Kappel have a death wish.

    The problem is these tards have a death wish for us, too, if they get their deranged way.

  15. Right on Creevy!

    Nelson: The answer is NO, and that goes back at least 3 generation.

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