Non-Incumbent CL Park District Candidates Mail

Three challengers have filed for Crystal Lake Park District Commissioner who pledge not to borrow money without voter approval.

Here is their first mailing:

Here is the content:

Since 2004, the Park District has issued over $20 million in bonds – without a referendum!

Yet they only have about $1 million in nonreferendum bond authority.

How have they done that?

The answer is that they took advantage of a loophole in the law, and in doing so raised your taxes massively.

This isn’t a matter of whether you like parks or don’t like parks.

This is a matter of good governance, of transparency, of giving the voters the right to make major decisions.

Can you expect the incumbents running for re-election to stop this practice?


The Park District needs new blood, people committed to giving the taxpayers the right to make decisions on bonds, people committed to transparency and good governance.

JASON HEISLER is a Crystal Lake native and the fourth generation owner of Heisler’s Bootery. He’s also been involved in Fleet and Facility Management for 28 years with the City of Crystal Lake. Jason has been active in the Chamber of Commerce, his church, and other community organizations. He’s a taxpayer advocate who knows business and government from the inside. He and his wife, Gigi, have been married for 3 years and have two children.

JAMES ROCHEFORD has lived in Crystal Lake for over 40 years. He started his own company, Tech Global, Inc. in 2004 and sits on two local condominium association boards. He’ll bring financial and managerial experience to the Park Board. He’s active in his church and is also a mentor for the incubator program at Woodstock HS. He and his wife, Jill, have been married for 19 years.

FREDRICK M. TIESENGA, a surgeon, has lived in Crystal Lake for 48 years. He sits on several hospital boards and has deep experience with nonprofits and their finances. He and his wife, Juce, are also very active in their church have been married for 5 years and have three children.

All three care about the parks and want to see the District run properly.

Please vote for Heisler, Rocheford and Tiesenga in the upcoming general election.



Non-Incumbent CL Park District Candidates Mail — 14 Comments

  1. Questions : How much have the City of Crystal Lake’s TIFs added to the burden of our over-taxed residents?

    We’re the Park District’s bonds a result of new taxation or from restructuring existing debt?

  2. The Park District has the authority to issue about $1 million in bonds without a referendum.

    Bond issues are typically paid off over 20 to 30 years.

    The result would be an annual cost of around $50,000 to $60,000.

    Instead, the District issues about $1 million in bonds EVERY YEAR with a one year maturity.

    They collect the taxes, pay off the bonds, and repeat.

    So far they’ve issue over $21 million in bonds using this tactic.

    That is more than $20 million IN ADDITIONAL TAXES that shouldn’t have happened without a referendum.

  3. Crooked bastards need to go, they may have more cops than McCollum Lake and only have swingsets to protect.

  4. Why do we have ANY Park Districts?

    Maybe McSweeney can come up with Legislation to eliminate them?

    On the topic of park cops, why are they along with Conservation Police allowed?

  5. It might be worth the cost of a study to determine the feasibility of consolidating the Conservation District, the city recreation departments, and all the Park Districts into one county-wide Park District.

  6. Hey Folks.

    Eighteen states and the Dist. of Columbia have park districts.

    These states include: Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, Virginia, Michigan,Oregon, Minnesota, California, Ohio, Utah and of course Illinois.

    I was the athletic supervisor, superintendent of recreation and then superintendent of facilities for CLPD for 28 years.

  7. CAL AND ALL OTHERS that think we are the only community with a separate governing Park District

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    A park district is a form of local special-purpose district for providing public parks and recreation in or near its geographic boundaries. Some park districts also own or maintain related cultural facilities such as monuments, zoos, sports venues, music venues, or museums.
    Park districts are prevalent in the United States. State statutes often have a general law to provide for park districts’ creation, dissolution, geographic borders, and annexation; the selection of governing boards, often referred to as park boards; and the criteria for levying property taxes on behalf of the district. Park districts sometimes obtain additional revenue by charging admission fees for some venues and through donations or voluntary memberships in a similar way to not-for-profit organizations; in addition, sometimes a park district is assisted by a private not-for-profit organization set up specifically for the purpose of assisting the local public park system.
    Park district jurisdiction over public recreation is usually not exclusive; other local government bodies may also have their own parks. Local government bodies besides park districts also own museums and public event venues such as arenas; in some places the main public museums are instead part of the local library district or a separate museum district. State parks and national parks, and other related state and national areas, are controlled at the level of government that created them, rather than by any local park district.
    Illinois statute provides specifically for an administrative body known as the Chicago Park District, which is under the control of a “chief executive officer” appointed by the mayor of Chicago rather than a publicly elected park board as with other park districts in Illinois.[1]
    In some states, such as Illinois, park districts are also authorized to have their own park police departments, independent of the other local police departments or state or national park police.[2][3]
    In Ohio, the Ohio Revised Code section 1545 provides for general park districts, often known as “metro parks”, in addition to “township park districts” allowed under ORC section 511.18. Township park districts may be converted into “metro parks” by public election. Section 1545 park districts are authorized to operate their own park police as well. Park districts in Ohio are controlled by park commissioners appointed by a local judge, rather than by a publicly elected park board.

    Seriously my PARK Tax contribution is under $500.00. A small amount for the services and resources I and many enjoy in our community. I am a lakefront homeowner I am more concerned about the knowledge, the plan of how will you accomplish your platform.. These candidates have NOT answered my direct question to them on their campaign page, the other community groups. I am fearful that the core reason this is occurring is not because of the dissatisfaction of accomplishments of the past and the plans for the future the other candidates stand for but, maybe a self fulfilling reasons. Ask the difficult questions, why and how will they accomplish this and how come never before in their years of residence here.. but now… just when the Crystal Lake Parks have the communities best interest responded to residence concerns and compiled a DRAFT to address safety concerns that have been brought to their attention. Just to preserve the ecological benefit and the safety of the community. Just opinion

  8. Be mindful, diligent and aware of your choices.. be careful of the passion and the real reasons. Its all of yours and mine to be a resident here in Crystal Lake..

  9. Do yourselves a favor type in irs gov non profit look up..

    Put in the name of the association that all three of candidates reside in.

    The time referred to in the mailer of their residence in the community and why YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR THEM.

    The name of the association is:Shoreline Property Owners Association and see for yourself..

    Would anyone that is concerned about the community really be involved in an association of their neighbors get revoked because of NON-COMPLIANCE of IRS required documents.


    Is the interest and aggressive use of the word TAX CUT, its a phrase that ALL responsible members of society hear and the ears stand straight up..

    BUT I need you to know that I have asked how, when and why without any response by these three candidates.

    Is it because of the park district presenting of a DRAFT of an Ordinance for pier safety and lake safety, wanting to create a safer place for the residence of our community.


    This is my opinion

    the rules, regulations to make this a Great place to LIVE.

  10. Doreen Hudson Orist Everyone has a choice in life. I am not presenting anything that is against any candidate. I am only sharing my concerns, passions,knowledge and experience of being involved in the world my short time here.

    I have asked the difficult questions, requested the reinstatement documents for SPOA..

    for some reason I have not received answers form any candidates associated with SPOA including the legal representative Eric Anderson and as of this day and time I am not able to post on fb directly to his personal page…

  11. Eric Anderson

    Doreen Hudson Orist I would like to request any and all documents that are legally required to reorganize this association . I have been informed by your legal council that documents that have been submitted , including but not limited to: Bylaws, slate of officers elected, financial statements, minutes from any and all past meetings from 2008- present. I would like to get a direct answer as to what piece of property if any that was sold, training transfered or gifted for what amount, who approved this and how was it accounted for? I also request that you provide myself and all other home owners that reside on property that is located on the lake front of Crystal Lake. I would like to know which method of notification to all home owners or others that own property on the lake front were verified, notified of the activities of the group of individuals as homeowners on the property of Crystal lake. Please respond here for all owners to see, email, or mail whichever method you are using to notify as required by the operation of a non-profit. Thank you

  12. Where are the park districts in Wisconsin?

    My brother was employed in various positions throughout the state in recreation departments.

    Always a recreation department through the city such City of Sheboygan Recreation Department.

    Never a park district.

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