Cary Pursues Ride Program for Seniors and Disabled

McHenry County’s popular MCRide service may be coming to Cary. 

MCRide is a program which enables seniors, disabled, or other resident an affordable and flexible transportation option. 

Cary has long been a gap in coverage and this addition would enable seamless coverage along Rt 14. 

Trustees Kim Covelli and Jim Cosler have pitched the program for Cary’s upcoming budget meeting.

Covelli said, “This is more than a senior ride program, it benefits the whole community.” 

MCRide began by combining multiple local dial-a-ride services into a coordinated program. 

Its fee structure benefits seniors and those with disabilities by offering rides within five miles for only $1.50. 

Other community residents pay a slightly higher rate.

The program receives a portion of its funding from the Federal Transit Administration, yet to participate Cary will need to kick in around $25,000 per year. 

When asked, Cosler commented “it’s a comprehensive program which is badly needed in our community. 

“The senior population loves it, but it truly serves the whole population”.

Cary has struggled with budget issues in the past and both Cosler and Covelli have been resistant of new expenses. 

When pressed on the budgetary component, both expressed optimism about the real value this spend brings to the community.


Cary Pursues Ride Program for Seniors and Disabled — 17 Comments

  1. This is such a great service, for a relatively minimal cost.

    With the huge new senior facility being built by Jewel, having PACE service is almost a necessity.

    That Cary doesn’t have this available to residents—the ONLY town in McHenry county to be thus distinguished.

    Older residents who are unable to drive, or are insecure driving, will be able to retain some measure of independence if we have this service in our town.

  2. I lived in Cary for more than two decades and know we have people who could use this service.

    All of the surrounding communities have this service.

  3. Re: “McHenry County’s popular MCRide service”

    and “a relatively minimal cost.”

    With a comment and statement like those two, you have it in a nutshell why this state is in fiscal condition it is.

    Forest Gump had it absolutely right!

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    and from young Jenny Curran “Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far. Far far away from here.”

  4. Another expansion of government grab bag services for less than 1% of the population. That’s why the idiots have to say : ‘at a minimal cost” and “The senior population loves it, but it truly serves the whole population”.

    This is sheer BS!

    It’s a duplication of RTA’s PACE! — but now new busses will have to be leased, insurance rates for Cary upped and drivers hired, gas bought (at higher than pump rates) etc., another boondoggle “for the poor seniors”

  5. Well, we are not birds!

    I support this program.

    I have been living in Cary for 20 years.

    I have witnessed people of all ages that use this service in other McHenry County towns, and have been given
    positive comments in regards to having this program available. I even see students who use this service to go to and from McHenry County College.

    I know people in Cary that do not drive and are in need of this service.

  6. Nanny State alarm bells should be going off in the Board’s brains …..

    but they fall prey to false altruism …

    and the bill will be footed by others/heaped on others.

  7. Not enough people to use it to make it pay for itself.

    Enough! We don’t need it!

    Uber and Lyft is here now.

  8. Pace is not willing or smart enough to use uber or lyft.

    I would think they would be much, much cheaper for every rider but those who are handicapped quite severely.

  9. Probably a good idea considering there is no place to go in Cary.

    Can’t buy anything but pizza, alcohol, get your nails done and a shirt dry cleaned.

    Have to go to Mt. Pilot to do any real shopping.

    Looks like Cosler, Covelli and Kraus want to keep it that way.

  10. Cal, Pace wouldn’t contract Uber or lyft.

    People needing the rides would!

    It’s like calling a cab.

  11. If it were subsidize by Pace, it would seen to me that Pace would pay most of the bill.

  12. Looks like lots of closed minded critics who don’t know the facts.

    – Cary is the only town along 14 that doesn’t participate in this program.

    – There would not be extra “buses”, the vans they use already routinely pass through Cary, but cannot pick up here.

    – There is heavy demand for this type of service and demand is increasing

    – The cost is minimal and your taxes are paying for other communities to have the service while Cary doesn’t

  13. Some people in Cary don’t seem to realize that we have people in need.

    Not only do we have disabled and senior residents who would use this, but also those with limited resources.

    So, people supported the rent-subsidized housing but not this?

    That’s not right – the two go hand-in-hand.

    And now a subsidized senior living facility.

  14. It’ll only cost the soaked taxpayers $37+ a one way ride!

    When will the people wake up?

  15. To those who consider this wasteful spending … this is a very inexpensive service with a great deal of benefit.

    If the Village rejects this on the basis of cost, I request to see a list of the village’s expenditures over the last three years of $25K or less … perhaps this is in the public record aleady.

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