Court Thwarts Algonquin Township Effort to See Illinois Leaks Records

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission:

McHenry County Judge Ordered Stay of Production in Algonquin Township’s Subpoena to Watchdogs’ Dropbox –


McHenry Co., IL. (ECWd) –

Today’s Hearing on our Motion to Quash a second subpoena filed by Algonquin Township in their attempt at gaining access to our Dropbox folder resulted in the Court Ordering a Stay in Production until further Order of the Court.

Algonquin Township told the Court that it never forwarded this second subpoena to California.

We asked for a Stay in Production, which AT objected to – which made us wonder, if the subpoena was never sent to California as they said, why would there be any objection to a stay in the production of the subpoenaed records?

The short answer is there is no reason to object…unless…the subpoena was sent, or was about to be sent.

Either way, the Court Ordered the Stay and gave a timeline for Motions and Replies to be filed on the Motion to Quash, with a Hearing on our Motion to Quash scheduled for April 16, 2019, at 10:00 a.m.

The order also confirms the prior subpoena was, in fact, quashed.  This is an important fact as there was an attempt to claim it was never quashed last time.  The judge confirmed it was quashed and this order confirms it.


Court Thwarts Algonquin Township Effort to See Illinois Leaks Records — 6 Comments

  1. Right, because The ECW did the investigation and Alg Township board will just try to screw it up!

    Alg Township should have been cooperating with FOIAs and investigating Miller but they’re all complicit! (except Gasser)

  2. Oak Harp is right. The Algonquin Township Attorney is playing games to abuse the civil process to do Dan Shea’s dirty work.

    This board was paying the legal bills for Anna May Miller when she was never employed by the township.

    The lot of them ought to be ashamed of themselves for how they lack the independence to simply do the right thing.

    This is absolutely shameful.

  3. Good!!!

    Algonquin Township rats finally brought to heel!

    Kirk Allen is G R E A T !!!

  4. But it was Rachel Lawrence that was feeding information to Edgar County Watchdogs and Gasser’s lawyer regarding Miller’s many misdeeds, along with the Clerk/Supervisor/Twnshp Atty’s cover-ups for the Millers.

    That helped solidify their cases against Millers, the Union, and Lukasik.

    HOW is that complicit?

    Keep Gasser and Lawrence, vote the rest out!

  5. Allen and Kraft are great!

    Love when these stupid township goons, under estimate the Watchdogs.

    All of them but Gasser need replacing.

  6. Kelly has got to win the Corrupt Shyster of McHenry County Award this year.

    It’ll look good on his mantle, along with his 14 other similar awards for years starting in 1988.

    Gooch beat him out for the 2001 award.

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