At Jake Keltner’s Funeral Home — 25 Comments

  1. Cal, his name is Jake. Please update this; it’s the second time a reader has noticed it being published as “Jack” on this blog.

  2. I posted this in an earlier Keltner article, and now do it again because the public deserves answers!

    PS.: If IL didn’t have catch and release policies regarding predators like the ‘alleged’ killer, this tragedy would NOT have occurred!

    KAG: Why are the Sheriff’s favorites assigned to this unpublicized, ‘secret’ and lucrative gig?

    Nygren started it.

    Prim continues it!

    Keltner had a $111K+ salary from McHenry County, but recieved over $100K last year in fed overtime?

    Nearly all the deputies would covet this ‘assignment.’

    Often nobody even knows where these guys even are.


    I’m not saying he wasn’t brave, good or worth it. But why hide these facts from the public?

    Maybe Prim will ‘rethink’ this lamebrain program of assigning McHenry County Sheriff’s deputies on INDEFINITE duty to the feds.

    Keltner was RARELY ever in McHenry County doin’ his US Marshal’s job!

    He wasn’t even in IL a significant percentage of the time!

    Meanwhile arrest warrants pile up in McHenry County.

    There also should be a complete INDEPENDENT investigation of how this low-life perp managed to kill Kletner (on perimeter duty) in the first place as the killer apparently fired and escaped from a third story window and then got into his escape car.

    The keystone kops US Marshals didn’t even know the perp had fled the scene.

    An uninvolved State Trooper happened to catch sight of the high speed fleeing killer ON THE OTHER SIDE of the interstate.

    So, the killer ALMOST made a clean getaway — foiled only by LUCK!!!

    Standard arrest protocol was NOT FOLLOWED!

    This endangered everyone involved (plus bystanders!) and resulted in this man’s needless death!!!!!

    Why wasn’t the perp’s car immobilized in advance?

    Why wasn’t Keltner warned of exactly when and where the motel room extraction was taking place?

    Why is McHenry County in this federal program in the first place!!!!????

    Don’t say the federal government ‘subsidizes’ the program like the seat belt enforcement or drug task force programs.

    It doesn’t!

    McHenry County pays the officers in this program their entire salaries and benefits (and now death benefits).

    The feds just pay for overtime, and very rare extra training overtime.

    And the feds supply the involved LE officer’s body armor/tactical uniforms (which are better than McHenry County’s).

  3. Thank you, Deputy Doom. I was not even alluding to this when I called this story from the beginning, yet your post seems to run right down that alley.

  4. These are BIG questions.

    Will Prim answer them?

    I thought we were finished with Nygren rackets when Prim defeated Zinke?

    With Kenneally in charge, crimes, especially of public officials, get the blind eye!

  5. Hate to say it but Kenneally must go.

    Nice guy – but corrupt.

    Bought and sold.


  6. Deputy Doom you say a lot of words and have no facts to back up what you say .

    No facts , just air .

    You say jake received 100K+ in Federal overtime but then say there are no government subsidies.

    Which is it ?

    Please provide evidence of the 100K + in overtime.

    And I find it impossible to believe that anyone, with a shred of intergrity, provided YOU with all the “facts” regarding the way it went down that day .

    Why do people like you love to talk with information they received from who ?

    Your source might be a complete idiot, have you ever thought about that ?

    I’ll wait for you to provide facts, backing up your comments .

    You can’t

    You can’t even spell Jake’s name correctly .

  7. KAG2020? And who are YOU to question the Deputy? What do you have to prove anything? And why are you hung up on spelling errors that never occurred? Seems like you have a reality problem. Cognitive dissonance your strong suit?

  8. Mr. Lag,

    many things come out here first, that turn out to be true.

    Shocking to you maybe, but it’s true.

    Time and time again.

    A man was killed in the line of duty.

    Something obviously went wrong with this arrest.

    An investigation should be made as to how this happened, so maybe, just maybe, another law officer won’t be killed.

    The death of this officer, out of the County, DOES raise questions collateral to the tragedy, about this previously unpublicized federal program taking county sheriffs.

    Was this Sheriff pulled out of the county?

    Answer: yes

    Was this sheriff pulled out of IL?

    I want to know.

    Are there more than 1 deputy in this program?

    I want to know.

    Are there unpacked upon arrest warrants in McH Co. That need attention/manpower?

    Apparently there are.

    I’m sick of governmental cover ups and “federalizing” of state, municipal and in this case county employees.

    It’s not right.

  9. @ Cindy

    Bless your little heart.

    Cindy seems to be our own little AOC only she’s neither as bright nor as well informed as AOC.

    You’re a fine one to call for facts.

    You’ve been asked for them many times but you keep spewing your vile, whack job conspiracy crap.

  10. Cindy / AOC I wasn’t talking to you and I’m certain most other people don’t either.

  11. Yes, somebody seems to have screwed up, resulting in this horrible death.

    Sheriff should stop this US Marshal program.

    How much does the family get from insurance.

  12. KAG2020? You are a weenie! This is a comment section. Your stupid remarks were there for all to see and anyone to reply to. You seem to think you are special in that only whoever you are addressing should address you back. Get over yourself! I called you on the carpet and you whine. That makes you a dumb weenie! It appears you also have two heads on your hands. Thinking you are being cute by using the same slur as the other poster (Which is you)! Get behind me SATAN!

  13. Cindy,

    I encourage anyone reading this to chime in and agree or disagree.

    You are crazy.

    Last comment to you nutbag.

  14. OK, I chime in.

    Why does Prim even have this program?

    Why are McHenry County arrest warrants piling up?

    Are 3 deputies assigned to this program?

    Shouldn’t be any!

    And there should be an investigation if standard arrest protocols weren’t followed, especially if anything can be learned and corrected out of this.

    It’s a terrible shame this had to come out bc of a tragedy.

  15. Lady Jane

    Follow the arrest announcements posted by the MCSO and reprinted by the Northworst Herald and Cal’s blog.

    Many of those arrests take place outside of McHenry county and are to be considered “high value” targets.

    You’re not talking failure to appear, failure to pay fines, etc. which the bulk of the outstanding warrants are.

    Why waste time?

    Those priority targets take some effort to arrest and, in many cases, time is of the essence.

    They leave the jurisdiction.

    Should we detail four or five officers to chase after them or one or two who can work with, and as, US Marshal’s along with their counterparts from municipalities and other counties to round them up?

    It’s a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” arrangement that is a force multiplier.

    I don’t know what, if anything, went wrong or could have been done to prevent the tragedy of last week, but no matter who is in charge or responsible for the program you have to believe that they are taking a hard look at what was done to see if it was preventable and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

    At the end, though, nothing is perfect and last week was a grim reminder of the dangers accepted and faced by law enforcement everywhere.

  16. Give? I think maybe Lady’s problem is that NONE of those warrants were issued by McHenry County. I think that might be where she was going with her post. But, seriously, you wouldn’t understand any of her post because you are tap dancing all over the place trying to make excuses. You are a condescending fool trying to act like all of a sudden now you are a thoughtful respectful person. Not buying your bravo sierra.

  17. @ Simple Sindy Satan re: your 6:09PM drool

    Note the following arrests made in conjunction with the US Marshal’s Great Lakes Task Force as reported here on the McHenry County blog.

    There are more but since I know that you will ignore them and continue to spew your conspiracy theories, and anti-establishment dribble, I’ll allow you to find them yourself if you can do so.

    We realize that’s it’s difficult to execute Google searches single handed as is your usual typing style when seated at the keyboard.

    Note that all of these cases involved, at least in part, a cooperative effort between local departments and the Marshal’s task force.

    Also there are many instances of fugitives from THIS county being apprehended out of state and this was the result of the task force tracking these fugitives and making the apprehension rather than waiting for them to screw up and get stopped for speeding.

    Once again facts get in the way of your logic.

  18. Give? Your vocabulary is indeed lacking. It’s drivel. And nothing you said made any sense whatsoever. Besides a lot of vulgar sneering, you’re not much good at rational conversation, are you?

  19. @ Cindy, no, I meant to type “dribble” Although dribble and drivel formerly meant the same thing, I chose dribble to highlight the vile spit and/or vomit emanating from your pie hole every time you choose to post something here.

    Just sayin’

  20. Give? I have no idea what you think you are doing. The subject is THIS ONE example that took place in Rockford. You don’t seem to be able to understand the subject at hand. NO ONE is talking about anything you are linking to. Nothing in ANY of THOSE instances correlates back to what people are asking about the Rockford situation. You are combining apples and oranges and coming up potatoes. Not one of those links even mentions the US Marshalls. You truly are an idiot.

  21. @Cindy

    Wrong again Cindy, but that is normal for you.

    Lady Jane was speaking of the program itself, not just this specific incident.

    If I’m wrong in thinking that, SHE can correct me, not you.

    If you actually knew what you were talking about THAT would be the exception.

    BTW, Ms. English Major. . . The title is US Marshal

  22. I’m disturbed by DeputyDoom’s questions.

    I think they deserve answers. I’m sick of the emotionalism surrounding every damn thing these days.

    Yes, a deputy was slain in the line of duty. But was that ‘duty’ even legitimate in the underlying sense Doom and Lady Jane ask?

    I can’t answer because this program hasn’t been presented by anybody (Sheriff, Feds, news media, McH County Blog, Franks, etc.)

    This shouldn’t be swept under the rug. I’m blaming Keltner at all. Somebody, besides the criminal, screwed up.
    Yes, the murderer gets all the legal blame. But were the right procedures followed by whoever staged the arrest, and what’s the lowdown on this weird program nobody ever heard of before know?

    Does the FBI, ATF, Treasury, Coast Guard, DEA, State Police, ICE, etc., etc., get McHenry Co. deputies, too, like the US Marshal’s Office?

    I want to know about this.

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