Gasser Opponents Follow Billboard Route

When Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser got irritated with the Northwest Herald, he put a “Fake News” message on the departmental billboard on Route 14.

On the Algonquin Township Highway Department Route 14 sign appears the message, “The Northworst Herald Is Fake News.” About 60,000 vehicles a day drive past the Township complex.

Now critics of Gasser’s stewardship of the Highway Department have posted a billboard message about Gasser on Route 14.

The billboard company was started by State Senator Jack Schaffer, a longtime ally of former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller and his father Del.


Gasser Opponents Follow Billboard Route — 24 Comments

  1. I saw this and had to laugh. ole gasser was quite the billboard guy back when he was known as uncle meatball.

    He was qualified in his role as uncle meatball: Road Commissioner…not so much.

    Has anyone sent him a photo of this perfect billboard as he resides in Mississippi?

  2. Citizens expressing their opinions using their dime, unlike what Gasser did using tax dollars to express his opinion.

    The Game goes on.

    Really a waste of $$$ by both sides.

  3. Well the billboard owner is a friend of Miller’s.

    All makes sense now.

    Wonder what Schafer was getting while Miller was in office.

    Being the hypocrite Schafer is, he was nowhere to be found for comment when Miller and his $90k part-time Secretary wife were siphoning off the taxpayers!

  4. Con-on-Cob, good comment regarding Schaeffer.

    Where was Jack Schaeffer when Phil Pagano was caught with his hands in the “Cookie Jar” at Metra.

    Jack Schaeffer was the Treasurer?

  5. I will take the cost of the signs any day over these state senators who do nothing except scheme how to confiscate more and more money each year from wealth producers and property owners with the minimum amount of resistance, all in the name of fairness….

  6. Del Miller….. that’s a blast from the past. The crooked past


    A picture of this sign was shared on Facebook March 8th.

    Kirk Allen started Waltzing to change the subject by sharing this old post:…/algonquin-township-mil…/…

    Calling the Dog’s out is Dave Lowitzki

    “Good god… this is bad. It would be nice if ECW knew what they were talking about when they wrote these things.
    The $5,200 was an in-kind contribution, which means that Jack Schaffer covered the cost of something that helped the campaign. It was NOT a cash contribution. And in-kind contributions only have to reported by a campaign when the donor notifies the campaign of the expenditure.

    In other words, Schaffer covered the cost of some billboards or something silly like that.

    He didn’t report this expenditure immediately.

    The Miller campaign reported the contribution in May because that was likely when Schaffer reported it to the campaign.

    Also, the strange guilt by association thing you’re trying to do here is just character assassination.

    Unless you have specific info that Miller directed Lutzow to do something here, you have absolutely nothing to stand on EVEN IF the contributions were weird (which they are not).”

    There is more Dog’s Fake News Waltzing to come.

  8. Is this Gasser, or Cal?

    One was used by government property, the other wasn’t.

  9. More of Robin’s delusional thoughts.

    Dave is clueless, much like you are.

  10. delusional thoughts?

    Don’t refute the thoughts,refute the commenter.

    Typical Dog response.

  11. Crooked ex-state Sen. Schaffer and his bossy wife collect the highest state pensions of any Illinois couple.

    He was a ‘tool’ of Al Jourdan.

    I’ll never forget when outsider Manzullo wiped him out in McHenry Co. for US Congressman in a GOP primary the night of the election.

    Shaffer bawled to Al, “You didn’t pull me through.”

    And Fat Al said, “I can’t make a silk pusre out of a sow’s ear.”

    Al just couldn’t ‘find’ enough votes to sail Jack S. through.


    Jack’s still a puppet of the crooked establishment, nursing his surprising defeat to this very day!

  12. Anyone that can twist the public record and claim it means something different than what it says is delusional.

    So yes, delusional thought from a commenter that has his own tainted history who will stop at nothing to defend any an all actions miller, even though he says otherwise.

    He has no interest in truth nor accountability, much like numerous other officials in McHenry County.

  13. Pray tell, what evidence do you have that Schaffer committed any crimes?

  14. Is the sentiment not true?

    Why is it this gallery will accept bad behavior from those they support- even when it is nearly identical to the behavior of those they criticize?

    Miller’s reign being filled with nepotism and being bad ( which by the way Democrats pointed out for YEARS) does not in anyway make the complete disaster of Gasser’s tenure good.

  15. Nob Job

    It seems that you would have us believe that the “in kind” contribution – presumably that’s just what it was – is valueless.

    If it’s valueless, it would not need to be reported.

    Instead it represented $5,200 that Miller didn’t have to spend but Gasser did have to spend to counter it in his campaign.

    It was worth $5,200 to Miller but may have cost the taxpayers a lot more than that depending. . .

  16. How does one sleep at night knowing they are wrong on many levels, one has to wonder if they all have regrets for ruining lives of so many innocent people that did not know any better.

    Thankfully with township $$$$$$$$ they installed plenty of security on East Main Cary Illinois….. they must have seen this coming

  17. Inish, have you and Jack Franks not attended the wine and cheese fund raisers?

    Lest you forget Anna May Miller gave money to democrats publicly and more importantly privately.

    It is apparent that so many people were happy to support Gasser when they all knew what he was going to do and now that it is politically inconvenient they throw him to the wolves.

    Watching all the things Gasser has to deal with is nothing short of incredible.

    Village trustees searching through township documents of which some may now be missing.

    The clerk openly trying to thwart investigations into the previous regime’s conduct.

    Law enforcement refusing to enforce the law.

    Gasser may never run for office but what he is pointing out to the silent majority is not falling on deaf ears.

    He needs to know that.

  18. Thanks Old Timer for the walk down memory lane.

    When Manzullo won, Schaffer’s tears were dried when he was promptly “appointed” to oversee the Department of Banks and Real Estate; downtown Chicago office.

    Big salary and benefits.

    AND how many days a week, hours per day, did Schaffer put in?

    The pot calling the kettle black?

    And, he put former Algonquin Township Supervisor Tom Schober on the payroll.

    sounds familiar.

  19. LOL Kirk. Really good post at 12:01. (And that doofus will not even know what you hit him with!) Thank you for that laugh.

  20. Chuck was on same ticket as Andrew, not Bob, Chuck flip flops to his own tune.
    Chuck and Jack are pals all on their own, they have history.
    Chuck has handled almost everything wrong since he was elected the Clerk.
    The Dog’s aren’t any better than the NWH with fake news, at least the NWH isn’t playing the game of taking AT tax $$$$ as a reward for piling on.

  21. Nobody took AT tax $$$.

    More fake news Robin…and it ain’t even Friday.

  22. $55k from AT wasn’t given freely, it took your court action to TAKE it.

    Friday is coming, have patience.

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