Skillicorn Calls for Prosecution of Double Voting

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Skillicorn Says Double Voting Must Be Prosecuted

Allen Skillicorn

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) is encouraging State’s Attorney’s offices across Illinois to protect voter integrity and pursue those who vote more than once in an election.

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE), in the 2016 General Election, over a thousand records were identified with potential issues.

Of those, almost 20% appeared to be double voting. 60% of the double voting cases were referred to the ISBE internal legal team with 40% being referred to local law enforcement.

In order to determine whether cases are pending against violators, Skillicorn’s office issued a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the names of the alleged double voters, however the FOIA was denied.

“The State Board of Elections and State’s Attorney’s must prosecute those who violate our voting laws,” said Skillicorn. “Protecting our most sacred voting rights is long overdue and I have introduced two bills to do so.”

The first bill Skillicorn introduced, House Bill 2632, enhances penalties for dual voting and prohibits a person from knowingly maintaining more than one registration to vote.

It also provides that a violation involving multiple registrations within the State is a Class A misdemeanor, and further, that a violation involving multiple registrations in this State and another state is a Class 4 felony.

The second bill, House Bill 2633, requires the State Board of Elections to enter into an agreement with the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program to maintain the integrity of voter registration rolls.

“I will continue to pursue bolstering the integrity of our voting system and the prosecution of those who violate this most precious right in Illinois,” said Skillicorn.

“Double voting must not be treated as something deserving of only a slap on the wrist. State’s Attorney’s need to step up and do their job and the ISBE needs to make these violations a priority.”


Skillicorn Calls for Prosecution of Double Voting — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you Allen!

    OK Mr. Kenneally, what is your response?

    Also, still waiting for a response to the time card fraud in Alg. Twp.

    Both the person who completed the time cards and the person who approved the times needs to be interrogated by the S.A.

  2. The only thing worse than double voting would be those sideburns Al.

  3. Double voting?


    It’s already almost impossible to get people to vote once.

  4. Whenever an Election authority attempts to ‘clean’ voter rolls, the Democrats are quick to file a lawsuit and time after time liberal judges cede to their request to stop it.

    When election ‘turnout’ is reported it is ALWAYS a deflated number.

    Why? Voter rolls are severely inflated.

    With inflated voter rolls, illegal voting becomes easier.

    Political campaign mailing costs are higher than they need to be because in most cases at least ten percent of the voters do not exist.

    So, why do the Dems want turnout to appear lower than it actually is?

    “Judicial Watch signed a settlement agreement with the state of California and county of Los Angeles under which they will begin the process of removing from their voter registration rolls as many as 1.5 million in-active registered names that may be invalid. These re-movals are required by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).”

  5. I have a friend from Wonder Lake who followed two women who voted at his poling place to two other polling places.

  6. Too often these days across our nation it is the Democrats who oppose various measures to make our election system more secure. Such as the use of voter photo ID. They say that requiring this method is discriminatory and puts hardships on those who don’t have a legitimate photo ID and then have to go get one. But their arguments are totally without merit in that American citizens are routinely required to show their photo IDs at various places such as doctor offices and hospitals.

    Also, when Democrats lose close elections such as the recent governor races in GA and FL, they claim that there was voter suppression. Presumably suppression means that voters going to the polling place where physically blocked from entering the place such as happened years ago in MD where some panther thugs threatened to use baseball bats on people wanting to vote. The US AG at the time refused to prosecute these thugs even though there was video evidence.
    Wonder why. That same AG was cited twice by the US Congress for Contempt of Congress for failing to hand over requested documents on a gun fiasco he was part of.

  7. Re: “I have a friend from Wonder Lake who followed two women who voted at his poling place to two other polling places.”

    Any indication if they voted twice with the same name or did the vote with different names?

    Did anyone research who the election judges were at all three precincts?

    If the election judges are doing their jobs and signatures do not match what is on file the judge may request proof of identity. If the judge is ‘in cahoots’ with the voter, of course signature comparisons may be ignored.

    Instructions for election judges contain this: “two judges, one from each political party, must be at the application judge station at all times to verify each voter’s signature and address”

    I know at my precinct the judges have two machines to check in voters.

    Each machine has ONE judge.

    Only one judge verifies my signature.

    If I know my judges it would not difficult to make sure I pick MY judge who will not question my signature.

  8. @bred winner

    Yep. How many folks seem able to prove their eligibility for welfare checks, free healthcare, WIC, etc. but have great difficulty with showing their legitimate entitlement to vote.

    Just watch what happens with the new “City of Chicago” ID cards.

  9. In my first year of college, there was a big voter registration drive on campus.

    When I told them I was already registered to vote at home and planned to vote by absentee ballot, they encouraged me to register anyway and vote from both places.

    The registration drive was conducted by some left wing student activist group whose name escapes me now.

    They must have assumed that I was a liberal because I was a young college student, and I didn’t bother telling them they they really didn’t want me voting once, much less twice.

    I told them that what they were suggesting was illegal, and walked away.

    I probably should have complained about it, but I didn’t think the powers that be would have done anything.

  10. On voting eligibility, there is a State in the US that wants to lower the voting age to 16. Not a good idea considering the undeveloped minds of many 16-year olds not to mention the liberal propaganda they were exposed to in schools.

    Better yet is to raise the age back to 21.

  11. Bred, that’s their sick way to lower the age of consent, too.

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