Woodstock’s Many Clouds Smokeshop Owner Quincy Hagerty Incites, Apologizes

From Wednesday on Facebook during the funeral progression of Jake Keltner:

Then, this apology was posted:


Woodstock’s Many Clouds Smokeshop Owner Quincy Hagerty Incites, Apologizes — 37 Comments

  1. Sounds like a real turd himself !

    Which pile is he in the original post ?

  2. Where is the part they need to apologize for? Must be a lot of snowflakes falling.

  3. Dude could hate cops because his customer base probably consists of drug dealers, crooks, illegals and the underaged.

  4. Close up shop and leave town.

    He shouldn’t even try to hold on until it’s all gone.

    He’s done!

  5. Not to mention a-=hole supporters like Cindy. Whatsamatta Cindy? No kids to “play” with?

  6. I see an infantile moron that REALLY needs to apologize to a Grandmother for trying to denigrate my good name. Apparently, your Mother never taught you any respect for women. She should have washed your mouth out with soap! Maybe you wouldn’t be such an angry gutterpup.

  7. Yep….

    If I were him I’d pack up whatever stock that he has
    and open a new store under a new name somewhere.

    He’s done

  8. Greg? No, I think they are Masons. It’s a vernacular term used throughout my much younger years. Much like oh wow, heavy, super freaked out, bummer, or even come on over to my crib. Means nothing. Just lingo. That guy doesn’t owe anyone any apologies. People have become so silly over words that mean nothing. And yes, I am an English major.

  9. He regrets the backlash of what he said, and Not what he said.

    he his backpaddling hard to save his business.

    free speech is his right.

    Choosing to boycott his business is ours.

  10. For someone of his age running a business to make such a post is indicative of the decay of our society.

  11. We’ve gone from the end of the Nam era where our Military and Police were treated like dirt to a complete flip where now we are seeing wasted tax dollars on over the top praise.

    The dude could of worded it better, but his point was fair and balanced over all, as Cindy has pointed out.

  12. Thats wonderful.

    Cindy gets called an a$$hole supporter and she goes on the rampage in response.

    Soooooo….its just a word and its meaningless but you’re so offended by words…nothing….lingo….

    I would say his mother probably did a fine job but at some point he had a english major teacherlike you that taught him how to be ‘offensive.’

    And you’re an english major…..in my experience the dumbest people on the planet are those that brag how smart they are.

    Might be a english major but probably needs to brush up on reading comprehension….101.

  13. A little respect for the family of the slain officer would go a long way.

    For God’s sake, muster up some sense of respect and decorum.

  14. Cindy you old bitter Hag.

    Let me understand your hag logic.

    No need to apologize for insulting police officers gathered to give a proper send of to one of their brothers in arms who was killed in line of duty.

    Pigs on parade doesn’t bother you.

    It’s Just lingo….Snowflakes… When someone calls you out and rightfully so for being a bitter hag A=hole they have no respect for woman.

    They are bismirching your good name.

    Soundly it’s not just words.

    What about respect for the Deputy Keltner and his fellow officers.

    What about their good names.

    Cindy you are not funny, your posts are never insiteful and are always mean and bitter which reprents the soul of just who you are.

    You have no good name and are an awful human being.

    You are a hag.

    You represent the worst of McHenry County.

  15. Freedom of speech is his right.

    Freedom from consequences is not.

    CP you are absolutely correct.

    Comes down to respect.

  16. Chris? It’s insightful – you stupid hag! You are just jealous of my wordsmithing.

  17. Don? where’s the rampage? Oh, wait a minute. You don’t have any reading comprehension so you used that word incorrectly. Mentioning that I am proficient in the English language has NOTHING to do with claiming to be superlative in intelligence. You really do suffer from noncomprehension. So many angry fools on here that love to attack when their snowflake ideals feel threatened! You people really need to learn how to respect others’ right to free speech. And to do so without calling an old woman vulgar words. That just shows your LACK of intelligence and your frustration at not being able to communicate in a language you were presumably raised to speak.

  18. “Pig” is an offensive word, just like the N word and the C word.

    There is no place in our society these words should be used.

    There is no defense for using them.

    It points directly to the person’s character who uses them or defends there use.

  19. Cindy your hypocracy is showing.

    You attack everyone who disagrees with you.

    Freedom of speech is a right but everyone has the right to respond, you are not exempt from rebuttal.

  20. I don’t attack anyone. If you had been paying attention lo these many many years, you might have garnered that I absolutely ABHORE stupidity. I have been painstakingly endeavoring to get people to THINK for themselves. It is not a pretty job to convince the masses just how brainwashed and deceived they have been. I have tread very lightly because most in here are so ensconced in a reality that has nothing to do with their real life, that they would fight tooth and nail to hang onto their false beliefs. So we have the angry, like yourself that want to say something smart-alecky in defiant response to this new kind of thought process. I am here to goad you into using your own God-given brains. Your free will has been subverted by the myriad of lies. There is no hypocrisy in what I have extended. If you might have noticed I have also mostly given up on trying to show you all how spelling is intrinsic to communication. Most of you are totally lost and the time is way too late to save you from that idiosyncrasy. Very few have rebutted anything I have ever said. Mostly I get attacked for nothing – like you yourself are doing. Your comment is not a rebuttal. It is a rebuke.

  21. Let me get this straight.

    Head shop proprietor posts social media comment denigrating cops.

    Townspeople are shocked.

    C’mon, wake up people.

    When the cops drive him outa town (wait about 6 mos.) will His Lordship, Mayor Fauntelroi Sager cry and try to bring him back, blubbering about what a great asset the shop and owner are to the community?

  22. Point being, if you’re a smoke shop, massage parlor or bar, don’t piss off cops.

  23. Cindy, what you fail to get is that when you refer to those in law enforcement as “pigs” it is meant as a slur.

    If it were a slur used to show racial prejudice I am sure you like all of us would be outraged.

    The same outrage should apply here and now, because it meant in the same ignorant way.

    It’s clear to me that you have no respect for the police, and in my time working with and associating with those in blue it usually means they have a criminal record.

  24. Cindy pure BS.

    You attack people on a regular basis.

    You just judged me as angry.

    You used the term “ most of you are totally lost” who are you crappin.

    Cut the sanctimony you are a hypocrite.

  25. Stephen? I have attacked no one. I am not judging you at all. I am discerning your anger. Big difference. Never claimed to be sanctimonious. Maybe you need to access a dictionary because you are using hypocrite wrongly. When you find out what I am alluding to, you are going to know just how lost you are. In the meantime, I have no right to control how you see me.

  26. Anyone who said “Come over to my crib,” English major or not, in the Sixties or today, is an asshole.

  27. I wonder if the owner of the car featured in two pictures on the Store website has had THEIR license plate changed.

    The plate in pic shows “DABBIN 2”.

    Would not be surprised if that plate number is on a few ‘sticky’ notes in cruisers.

    Also, I wonder why the Facebook Page for the store is off-line.

    I fully support the 1st Amendment but printing / uttering words can have negative consequences.

  28. Cindy you can put perfume on a pig but it is still a pig.

    You are sanctimonious and judgemental even though you deny it.

    That is hypocritical.

  29. This Cindy woman is so stuck up her own ass. She’s too focused on showing off her thesaurus of a brain that she’s actually convinced herself that arguing with strangers behind a faceless avatar on a local blog is “not a pretty job”.

  30. Pokorny, are you a real person?

    Or the personification of the term of ‘sophomoric’?

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