How One Can Participate in Springfield’s Abortion Debate

From Right to Life McHenry County:

It could be in Illinois, too, if it is not already.
As you know, there are two extreme abortion bills that were filed in the Illinois House  (HB 2495 and HB 2467).  

However, both bills were ALSO filed in the Illinois Senate  (SB 1942 and SB 1594).

Many of us have already filed witness slips against the House Bills.

But, now we have the opportunity to file witness slips against ONE of the bills in the Senate, SB 1594.   

Any Illinois resident over 13 can file a “witness slip” to express opposition to this inhumane bill.  

Combined, these terrible bills allow partial-birth abortion, attack religious freedom, subject women to predatory practices, etc.   

We succeeded in stalling the IL house legislation but we must do the same in the IL Senate as they consider these bills. It’s time to take action!

If these bills are made law, Illinois will have the most extreme abortion policy of any state in the country, and it will become even more of an abortion destination for people from surrounding states. Learn more about the bills here  

What I’m asking you to do is to fill out what’s called a “Witness Slip” against SB 1594, before the hearing.

As President of Right to Life McHenry County, I have just done this myself, using the links below provided by Pro-Life Action League.

This action only took me 30 seconds. I thank you today for taking a minute out of your busy day to fight for Pro-Life.

The Witness Slip formally registers your opposition to these bills with the Human Services, a very important measure in making our collective voice heard state-wide.

The witness slip process is used as a measure of public opinion so they are very important!

It is easy to do this,following these 3 steps: 

Fill in the Identification section with your own information. Unless you are representing an organization, write “None” or “Self” in the “Firm/Business or Agency,” “Title,” and “Representation” fields.

Mark yourself as an “Opponent” of the bill under the Position section. Under the Testimony section, click “Record of Appearance Only”. NOTE: You do not need to attend any hearing in Springfield in order to file a witness slip expressing your view.

Click “I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement” and then Click “Create (Slip)” and your witness slip will be filed with the state. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided.Then forward this email to all your friends and family!

Open the link for SB1594 here 


How One Can Participate in Springfield’s Abortion Debate — 2 Comments

  1. There is a new abortion bill as of today.

    It’s also being referred to as the Reproductive Health Act.

    House Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 25 (SB 25) creates a new abortion bill in the 101st Illinois General Assembly (ILGA).

  2. I filled out & submitted my Witness Slip yesterday, I encourage all to do the same to Oppose SB25.

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