State GOP Goes after Lauren Underwood on Failure to Denounce Colleague’s Anti-Semitic Comment

From the Illinois Republican Party:

Illinois Democratic Congresswoman Lauren Underwood Refuses To Comment On Fellow Democrat’s Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

Loren Underwood

For the most part, Democratic members of Congress have decided to give a pass to Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s well-known use of anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Omar recently accused Americans who support Israel of having a dual allegiance, putting the concerns of Israel above America’s. Omar has also said Jewish advocacy groups buy support with campaign contributions, and that Israel is “evil” and has “hypnotized” the word.

One of those Democratic members is Lauren Underwood, who represents Illinois’ 14th Congressional District.

Underwood has refused to say anything about Omar’s comments, let alone specifically condemn them.

In an interview with NPR, Underwood was asked four separate times if she has any comment on Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks. Each time, Underwood said, 

“I don’t have a comment on that.”

Unlike Underwood, some Democrats and newspaper editorial boards were unequivocal in their criticism of Omar.

The Boston Herald Editorial Board wrote, 

“It is remarkable that we find ourselves in a situation where the new faces of the Democrats in Congress speak freely in extremist terms and the rest of the party’s power structure is afraid to tamp it down in any real way. We must call on elected leaders to condemn hateful rhetoric rather than attempt to curry favor with a freshman congressman from the Bronx.”

Underwood’s refusal to say anything about Ilhan Omar’s blatant anti-Semitism is shameful, encourages further anti-Semitic rhetoric, and gives cover to extremists who oppose the State of Israel.

Underwood’s unwillingness to specifically condemn acts of anti-Semitism should greatly concern her constituents.

It’s clear that Underwood would rather cater to the young radicals in the Democratic Party than the people of the 14th District.


State GOP Goes after Lauren Underwood on Failure to Denounce Colleague’s Anti-Semitic Comment — 15 Comments

  1. I’m guessing before she gets down to some serious politickin, needs to finish up on that patient workload, at TV Commercial Hospital.

  2. I will also wait breathlessly for the ILGOP to ask other Republicans to denounce the white supremacist and anti-Semitic rhetoric of Steve King.

  3. Seems like a prudent and fair way to respond to the question.

    Sewer rats like the Illinois GOP will attack bs.

    By the way and unreported by the top notch reporter, cal, Underwood was in District the other day answering voter’s questions and listening to us. Hard to believe after living the her predecessor.

  4. That for the chuckle and the corrction.

    My spelling peaked in eight grade.

  5. Who cares?

    Ilhan Omar was right.

    Israel does have a lot of influence on our country.

    Do you think AIPAC exists for no reason whatsoever?

    Maybe we should recognize that and debate whether that’s good or bad instead of crying and saying it’s racist.

    Personally, I don’t want the House wasting their time “condemning” speech.

  6. You are represented by a pro-choice millennial black congresswomen who won’t condemn her colleague’s truthful remarks on Israel’s influence in American politics.

    When will you wake up from this nightmare?!

  7. Underwood is merely following the lead of relic Nancy Pelosi in not specifically condemning the anti-semitic rhetoric of Omar.

  8. This seems like a good spot for that bible quote about pulling the branch out of your eye before worrying about the speck in your congresswoman’s eye. Still, you have to admire the obviousness of the modern GOP that allows them to accuse anyone of offensive comments about minorities.

    Nice ones Tynwald and Alabama!

  9. The Democrat Party is giving a pass to US Rep Omar for her anti-semitic remarks. That pass being not losing her committee assignment on foreign affairs. In CONTRAST, when Republican US Rep Steve King made racist remarks earlier in the year, he was removed from his committee assignments.

    Democrats are quick to point the finger at the opposition party, but when one of their own makes racist comments or behavior, it will likely be swept under the rug or ignored. Consider in early 2007 when then Democrat Senator Joe Biden said this about Senator Obama:

    “I mean, you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a story-book, man.”

    What an incredible insult to all African Americans of the past and present. This was spoken from the heart of Joe Biden and he should have been immediately asked to resign by the African American community, the Democrat Party leadership and the media. But, alas, they did not require his resignation and the mostly left wing media was and is in the tank for the Democrat Party and they gave Joe a pass.

    Joe had made other racist comments in his home state and slurs about owners of convenience stores who happen to be immigrants from India.

    In another racist incident discovered earlier this year, the Democrat Governor of Virginia admitted to doing a black face and/or wearing a klan outfit. Initially, the Democrat Party called for his resignation, but then fell silent. Where are CURRENT calls by the Democrat Party to have this Governor resign?

  10. Go back to what Omar actually said.

    The remarks in question came during a discussion at a Washington bookstore on Wednesday about how critics have repeatedly labeled Ms. Omar’s criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. She argued that the label is being used in bad faith to shut down debate.

    The sentence that garnered the most attention was, “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is O.K. for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

    [See a full video of the event.]

    Ms. Omar questioned why it was acceptable for her to speak critically about the political influence of the National Rifle Association, fossil fuel industries and “big pharma,” but not the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. (After she was widely criticized for a tweet about Aipac last month, she deleted it and apologized.)

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