Women Continue to Outvote Men — 10 Comments

  1. And that explains a lot when it comes to the
    elected officials of Illinois.

  2. There are more women than men, why wouldn’t there be more women voters? History shows the aggrieved make more of an effort to vote. Women have more to be dissatisfied with.

    This pattern hold true nationally, Cal?

  3. In McHenry County last year on election day 52.36 % of the registered voters were listed as female.

    51.76 % of the ballots cast in McHenry County were by voters listed as female.

    How soon before biological sex is no longer indicated?

  4. How about the factor of stay-at-home moms? These women might have some extra time in the day while their child or children are in K-8 school to go to the polling place. In a small proportion of these households the husband does not vote.

  5. “History shows the aggrieved make more of an effort to vote”

    What is the basis or authority for this claim which, in context, is that the aggrieved vote at a higher rate than the privileged?

    Historically, Jim Crow laws, for example, required more effort on the part of those targeted.

    That does not mean they were more likely to vote, but the opposite.

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