Getting Rid of a Bad Apple at Crystal Lake High School — 8 Comments

  1. Maybe it’s about the math teacher who led an optional Pledge of Allegiance, or perhaps that Home Ec teacher who threw boys kissing each other out of her class and dared to say “Gay is not good.”

  2. Although he hasn’t been convicted of anything as of this post and innocent until proven guilty District 155 has hired some Coaches with poor ethics .

    Remember when C.L. South Athletic Director / Head Football Coach Jim Stuglis was arrested and then convicted of the theft of cash including IHSA playoff games and pop machines .

    He felt he was entitled to this extra money more than the kids at South High School as his $ 140,000 wasn’t enough .

    I heard he currently is selling used cars .

    Go figure !

  3. The CHSD 155 regular board meeting tonight is live streamed here:

  4. ‘Bad Apple’implies he’s among the worst of an apple bushel.

    I am not so sure there are far worse than him in that bushel!

  5. Most IL public school teachers feel they are underfed and underpaid martyrs and unappreciated ‘change agents.’

    Their values are generally sick, however.

    Public education needs a big clean out.

    Thank God we don’t have the Fallen Angel dirtying up this blog any more.

  6. Maybe it’s a male teacher who got a female student freshman pregnant and wants to drive her to the clinic so she can get that very inconvenient pregnancy ‘taken care of’ without parental knowledge or consent.

    Then he can do it all over again.

  7. Yeah, b.m., it’s about another ‘star’ CL teacher, Wm Saturday

    “McHenry County residents were shocked this year when a well-liked junior high school teacher from Crystal Lake was accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl.

    But some also wondered what was going on in McHenry County government when they learned that the teacher, William T. Saturday, had taken the girl to a county-run health clinic, where she received free birth-control without anyone notifying her parents.”

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