Representative Seeks Opposition to Repeal of Parental Notice Law

From State Rep. Tom Weber:

IF you are concerned with Parental Rights and protecting young girls then please file witness slips on HB 2467 Repeal of Parental Notification and HB 2495 Reproductive Health Act.

HB 2495 would allow abortion by non-doctors up to the moment of birth, for any reason or no reason at all and HB 2467 terminates parental notification requirements in an underage girl’s abortion.

This is in a world your child cannot be given an aspirin without a permission slip. Parents need to know!

They are up for committee hearings on Wednesday, March 20th.

To file a witness slip go to…Please Share This Post and Fill out a Slip.


Representative Seeks Opposition to Repeal of Parental Notice Law — 17 Comments

  1. The State will decide what’s best for YOUR children.

    If you don’t like it, pound sand and/or depart from ILlinois, SSR.

  2. “This is in a world your child cannot be given an aspirin without a permission slip.”

    Kind of says it all.

    A child can have a fetus killed without parental knowledge but cannot get an aspirin without parental permission!


  3. Just another incremental step toward full socialism then communism of government controlling the lives of Americans.

  4. ‘People’ like cowards Justin Fun, Terminator and Johnsburger are the wackos and ‘dead-past’ extremists who must be re-educated and calmed down if we are ever to have a civil society of peace and justice.

    These haters cause division and racial strife on a daily basis. But to what end? They are in need of psychological help +++ serious psychological help.

    Before they go completely bonkers.

  5. I’d rather sit through the Vietnamese Audio Version of Obama’s Dreams From my Father than be civil to a Dem.

    But on the other hand, the English version was a laugh riot.

  6. The crazy left wing Democrats would have our State in charge of important decisions by parents such as possible abortion of their daughters. The State knows best according to these politicians and those who disagree with the State will perhaps need to be “re-educated”.

    Low information and useful idiot voters in Illinois and other States have and are electing extreme left wing whacko Democrat politicians to state legislatures and the US Congress who want to replace capitalism with socialism and communism. These voters likely were brainwashed in part by the mostly left wing media which are in the tank for the Democrat Party and its socialist and communist tendencies.

    History shows how communist nations such as China under Mao sent those citizens who disagreed with the State and the government to “re-education” camps.

  7. Jim Sitkoski radical Democrat Socialist Trump hater, Republican hater, Commonsense hater.
    Choke on it Jimmy boy.

    UnderwoodNow, anyone who would vote for full term abortions and want a 12 yr old to have an abortion without parental knowledge is the radical that we need to keep in check. Not the Republicans pointing out your radical irresponsibility.

  8. UnderwoodNow, you have your undies in a wad over Parental Rights?

    We need Re-education?

    Undies let us be clear, We The People are to be served by Public Servants, not managed or dictated to by a Directorial Government !

  9. Honestly do you really want to know when your daughter has an abortion?

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