Dan Walker Rest Stop Inspector Makes Alderman Danny Solis Tapes

Never would I have expected Gary Fears to show up in a Chicago Tribune article about the FBI tapes of Danny Solis that led to the investigation about Alderman Ed Burke.

But go enough inches into the story and there he is.

I first ran into Gary Fears while he was a rest stop inspector in Dan Walker’s Department of Transportation.

He was a poltical operative, whose job could put him in most parts of the state.

Tom Frost, my intern at the time, went to IDOT headquarters and examined Fears’ time cards.

When he ran out of vacation, personal and sick days, I put pressure on Transportation Secretary Langhorne Bond and Fears went off the payroll.

One of my Democratic Party colleagues, Hal Byers, asked me at some point why I was hounding Fears.

From Edwardsville, Fears eventually got a state loan to build a Holiday Inn.

I think it can bee seen from I-55.

That was at the same tie that Bill Cellini got a loan to build his hotel next to Springfield’s convention center.

Here’s what triggered my memory:

“He had also sought to bring in Gary Fears, a wealthy businessman and former transportation official under Gov. Dan Walker who had connections with potential investors in the Middle East, according to testimony from the suit.

“But deals with the Jacksons and Fears never panned out. Gordon Wright, an experienced hedge fund operator with UBS O’Connor LLC, served as the firm’s chief executive, and Hynes also tapped his friend Jon Bauman, who stepped down from his role running the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois to line up pension investment opportunities, records show…

“Hynes also arranged for a $160,000 loan for Solis from Fears. Solis needed the cash to ‘retire a debt on a property,’ the affidavit said.”


Dan Walker Rest Stop Inspector Makes Alderman Danny Solis Tapes — 18 Comments

  1. WOW, I would love to know more about those “Rest Stops”, that were busy on the week-ends with campers & cars.

    After a year or so, the rest stops were closed down.

    Rumor had it, that children were brought there and abused.

    Could that have been the first “Sex Trafficking”crimes?

  2. PartridgeFamilyAdoptee, I too would like to know why the fake news media suppress the truth . . .but the goings on back in the 70’s involved students & teachers, according to the rumors.

    Take a look at Denny Hastert teacher turned politician . . .one could only imagine?

    We all know the IEA runs the state, along with the local teacher’s unions.

    One little Item I do remember for sure, the State Police shut it down, now if you could find retired State Police Officers . . .we might learn the real story and more.

  3. LOL. Y’all are seriously still talking about Pizzagate? It has been debunked in every possible way.

    But go ahead and keep making sure tin foil companies stay in business.

  4. WOW, Alabama. You sure are the dopiest poster here. Anyone that uses that word “debunked” is always in the wrong. It is a true signal of their lack of intelligence. Keep your head in the sand. The real world is much too scary for you.

  5. Why am I not surprised that Cindy would be in on Pizzagate too?

  6. Cindy, the only thing I can figure is, AlabamaShake knows or was part of, the illegal activities at the Rest Stops, back in the 70’s.

  7. Its true… I was there before I was born.

    How did you know?

  8. anotherwatcher?


    Methinks he doth protest too much.

    (You can just about pick them out by their comments. You can even watch them squirm whenever I speak.)

  9. Cindy and anotherwatcher – be a little more direct. What exactly are you accusing me of?

  10. Cindy posted 3/16/19
    I don’t attack anyone. If you had been paying attention lo these many many years, you might have garnered that I absolutely ABHORE stupidity. I have been painstakingly endeavoring to get people to THINK for themselves. It is not a pretty job to convince the masses just how brainwashed and deceived they have been. I have tread very lightly because most in here are so ensconced in a reality that has nothing to do with their real life.

    Cindy posted 3/15/19
    I see an infantile moron that REALLY needs to apologize to a Grandmother for trying to denigrate my good name. Apparently, your Mother never taught you any respect for women. She should have washed your mouth out with soap! Maybe you wouldn’t be such an angry gutterpup.

    Cindy posted 3/16/19
    Don? where’s the rampage? Oh, wait a minute. You don’t have any reading comprehension so you used that word incorrectly. 

    Cindy posted 3/16/19
    Stephen? I have attacked no one. I am not judging you at all. I am discerning your anger. Big difference.

    Plus all of the above posts that have nothing to do with the article at hand. Who you crappin you bitter old crone.

  11. Stephen really wants that first place position of the goofiest nonsensical person to comment on these pages.

    Congratulations Stephen. You are moving through the ranks very quickly. Others have taken years to get where you are.

    With so many important things to ponder in these chaotic times, you must be so proud of yourself to be spending ALL your time looking for MY posts so that you can copy and paste. What talents you possess! (I really can’t stand the childlike people that repeat others’ posts like others are too stupid to be able to read them on their own.) Then again, addressing your supposed complaint, your post has nothing whatsoever to do with ANY subject at hand. What’s, that word you like to use again, oh yeah, hypocrite.

    Your grand finale is to call me juvenile names.

    When you try to foment hate, I really have to call you out on it.

  12. Mr. Pokorny, can we appoint you to monitor our thoughts, too?

  13. The rest stop on Route 47 south of Roiute 72 was certainly closed after a very few years.

  14. Cindy I’m not the one who claims not to attack people. Hypocrite really? Because I attack you, hardly hypocritical. By the fact that you even responded to me, how does that make you any better? You talk in circles you old crone. What about you calling alabama a moron? Juvenile names. What gives you any more rights than anybody else. Sanctimony at it’s best. Hypocrisy at it’s worst.

    Tax payer I give a rat’s ass what you think. I am calling out the hypocrite Cindy with her sanctimonious BS.

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