Defenders Receive Grant from McHenry County Community Foundation

From left to right front: Alice Lumsden, Nancy Schietzelt, Bev Dow, Sue Jensen, Cynthia Kanner, Barbara Oughton and at back: Kim Hankins, Ken Santowsky, Dwight Dalton, Lori McConville and Margaret Miller.

The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County received grants from The Community Foundation for McHenry County, two of which were presented to the organization’s staff and Board of Directors at their monthly meeting in March.  

One grant is for the planting of 4.5 miles of roadside with native prairie habitat and the other for continuing the Defenders’ Styrofoam collection program around the county.

In addition, The Defenders is a recipient of a $4,000 unrestricted grant through the Foundation’s GIVE360 program.   

Staff and a board member for The Community Foundation visited The Environmental Defenders’ board meeting on March 18 to present the check.  

The Defenders are grateful to the Community Foundation for McHenry County and thank them for their support! 


Defenders Receive Grant from McHenry County Community Foundation — 17 Comments

  1. These people live in a dream world.

    They strive to be good little environmentalists.

    Yet, they are, generally, clueless about the demographic pollution underway which dooms their work ultimately.

  2. Have these ‘Defenders’ seen this?


    The whiteness of environmentalism today is deeply rooted in the racist, sexist, colonial history of the movement. Many idols of the American environmental movement—John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, Aldo Leopold— were all explicitly racist and founded America’s national parks for elite white folk like themselves, whilst forcibly removing folks of color and colonizing indigenous people. We, as a community, do not feel represented by the icons and leaders of the environmental movement.

  3. Partridge, you aren’t ‘Danny’ are you?

    Gotta give you cred for the post.

  4. Go back to what Omar actually said.

    The remarks in question came during a discussion at a Washington bookstore on Wednesday about how critics have repeatedly labeled Ms. Omar’s criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. She argued that the label is being used in bad faith to shut down debate.

    The sentence that garnered the most attention was, “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is O.K. for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

    [See a full video of the event.]

    Ms. Omar questioned why it was acceptable for her to speak critically about the political influence of the National Rifle Association, fossil fuel industries and “big pharma,” but not the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. (After she was widely criticized for a tweet about Aipac last month, she deleted it and apologized.)

  5. What the hell is this “McHenry County Community Foundation” and where’d they get the dough?

  6. 4.5 miles of sowing seeds and a crazy styrofoam reclamation scheme?

    What a huge WASTE!!!!

    Bottom line: It’s plain stupid!

    Typically, those undertaking Styrofoam recycling have done so by operating at a huge loss — spending around $1,000 to recoup $200 worth of Styrofoam.

    This strategy may work in the short term for not-for-profit organizations like municipal recycling facilities, but getting businesses on board has always been a failure.

    “People refer to this as ‘wishful recycling,’ that’s just when in doubt, put this in the bin because there’s an outside chance they might be able to recycle it,” Delvin notes.

    “So you see Styrofoam. You see PVC. You see batteries and those types of things….”

    This mixing of waste with recyclables, he says, makes it very difficult to extract the true recyclable commodities that are there that have value.

  7. From their website: The following donors have notified The Community Foundation for McHenry County of their commitment in their estate plan.

    Alan R. and Tina R. Hill

  8. Out of towner that’s easy to do when you don’t have two nickels to rub together!

  9. If this group isn’t getting government money, how does them gardening and recycling affect you negatively?

  10. But it IS tax dollars.

    AlabamaSnake, I am angry —– at having to support people like you!

  11. How is it tax dollars? A

    nd what does this have to do with people like me?

    And what exactly are people like me?

  12. Nah… I don’t really enjoy sucking blood.

    Not really my thing.

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