McSweeney Continues to Burnish His Anti-Tax Image — 12 Comments

  1. But will he cut them?

    I’m giving up on Illinois and moving to Arkansas next year.

    –to a bigger square footage home in a non-sanctuary state, surrounded by good people and great scenic views.

    Not the sec. 8 people who trashed out my neighborhood

    This year’s property tax; $9,750

    Next year;s in Arkansas: $821 or so.

  2. I’m getting out, too, IF I CAN.

    The taxes and local stupidity drove me out.

  3. He can do all the grandstanding he wants about cutting taxes but if spending is not reduced – nothing will happen.

  4. He’s making deals with Franks.

    That speaks volumes.

    His bills lately are not indicative of lowering taxes or even good govterninh.

    He’s lost his way.

  5. How is writing bad legislation, being a politically impotent blowhard, and refusing to talk to your constituents comparable to one’s staff making clerical errors and then correcting it the next day?

  6. After doing my taxes this year, I have had quite enough of Republican tax cuts.

  7. Why? How many things are you deducting?

    The standard deduction for working people was DOUBLED and most tax brackets were lowered by 2-3 percent.

    Do you live in a mcmansion?

  8. Clerical error on ballots that were fixed I think not.

    I went to vote and they could not get my ballot had to leave because could not get it right.

  9. What precinct do you live in?

    What information was wrong?

    What do you mean by “could not get right”?

    If this is such a widespread problem how come the newspaper isn’t writing about it?

    Ed Komenda doesn’t exactly avoid scandals that involve the McHenry County Republican Party.

    Early voting has been going on for a month.

    Why is it just an anonymous commenter and the untrustworthy Democratic Party hack, Helen Torscher, talking about this?

    The usual suspects of Democratic activists and Democratic social groups are surprisingly silent given the rampant problems you claim exist.

    The voter’s guide errors were corrected in the newspaper within a few days.

    It has been corrected on the clerk’s website too.

    Helen claims the Democratic Party is monitoring all the widespread problems — the only thing I’ve heard the Democrats note is one person’s *sample* ballot being incorrect.

    The link takes one to a Facebook post that they aren’t allowed to read.

    A commenter pointed that out and the administrator didn’t even engage with the person to tell them the content of the post.

    It’s been four days and still crickets.

    The only problem I’ve had with the clerk’s office this election cycle was that they previously had separate document links for municipal and school board elections.

    They should have been together from the start.

    It would have been more convenient for the voter and probably whoever had to enter the data.

  10. Witkowski, why should the rest of the country have to pay for Ill. Profligacy?

    People like you taxed me right outa here.

    Bye, Bye victims!

  11. ‘Why Not’, sounds like a bunch of hooey!

    Where were you early voting?

    What election judge did you deal with?

    Who did you speak to when you called the Clerks Ofc.?

    Truthful complaintants supply details.

    Ballots are correct.

    The voters guide (that hardly anyone looks at) was printed by that election company that McClellan and Franks were so eager to give that No-Bid contract to!

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