Tobin Calls Out Doubling of Gas Tax Hike Being Proposed by Democrats

From Jim Tobin of Taxpayers United of America:

Where Is The Money Going?

Chicago- After months of publicizing an increase in the Illinois gas tax, tax raisers have formally announced their ambitions. SB 102 proposed by State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-11) would double the motor fuel tax from $.19 per gallon to $.38 per gallon.

Additionally, Sandoval’s bill would increase the passenger vehicle registration fee to $148 from $98, and the electric vehicle fee to $148 from $17.50.

Most driver’s license fees would increase to $60 from $30, while truck registration fees would rise by $100.\

These tax increases would be expected to bring in an additional two billion dollars for Illinois government annually.

Advocates for the tax increase argue that Illinois needs this bill, but President of Taxpayers United of America Jim Tobin has a question.

“Where is the money going?”

“We know not all of the money from the Illinois state gas tax goes to roads,” said Tobin.

Jim Tobin

“Also, despite politicians saying so at every opportunity, Illinois roads and bridges are not crumbling.”

“Springfield and Chicago tax-raisers are spreading false information about Illinois roads.

“According to the Reason Foundation’s 23rd Annual Highway Report, which ranks the performance of state highway systems in 11 categories, including spending per mile, pavement conditions, deficient bridges, traffic congestion, and fatality rates, Illinois ranks 28th. Illinois roads are actually in the middle of the pack.”

“As for the disinformation politicians are spreading to terrify the public into thinking that Illinois bridges are unsafe and are about to collapse, the Reason Foundation found that Illinois bridges are the seventh-lowest in the 50 states in number of bridges in deficient condition.

“That these lying politicians are spreading lies about Illinois bridges to frighten people is outrageous.”

“On behalf of Illinois Taxpayers I demand that Illinois lawmakers tell the public what the money is really being used for.”  


Tobin Calls Out Doubling of Gas Tax Hike Being Proposed by Democrats — 9 Comments

  1. Illinois gets a new Governor and the Democrats have a new slogan:


  2. So filling up a standard gas tank of 15 gallons, you will have the pleasure of paying the government $5.70 per tank in tax.

  3. Some method needs to be implemented to tax all-electric vehicles for the miles of road use the owners incur every year.

    Weight of non-commercial/personal vehicles should be a factor in imposing a yearly road use tax in that heavier vehicles are more damaging to roads than are lighter vehicles. To encourage drivers to purchase and use lighter vehicles, those vehicles weighing over 3000 pounds should be taxed at 10 cents per pound for every pound over 3000 pounds. Thus a monster pickup or suv weighing 6000 pounds would have a $300/year tax. It would be collected yearly when the license plate sticker is purchased.

    The legislature needs to rewrite the law as to use of motor vehicle fuel, license and weight tax dollars to be collected to assure that these monies are ONLY used for roads and bridges. Nothing else. Not abortions, not pensions, not payments to slackers or freeloaders.

  4. New slogan? Hardly!

    Where are the cuts in spending?

    Why are the Democrats hell-bent to empty the State of taxpayers?

  5. I agree with Bred Winner that we will need to begin looking at revamping the gas tax as EV sales continue to increase.

    I’m a dual EV owner and I absolutely agree that we need to figure out a fair way to make sure EV’s path their fair share for the roads.

    I’m not sure how best to do this, but I’m also not too worried about how IL will address the issue as I hope to be moved out of IL within the next 24 months.

    I’ve done the math and even taking a loss on my property, my ROI for moving to Tennessee is around 1 to 1.5 years.

  6. Rule Or Ruin – It’s the DEMOCRAT way,
    and Jussie “The Hussy” Smollett just got a “get out of jail” card
    courtesy of Kim Foxx.

    Feeling a bit “triggered”, Little Joey Blowhard ?

    Deal with it.

  7. Paid $2.86 on Randall Road Monday early A.M.. Monday Evening paid $2.27 on Preston Road in the City of Dallas.

    Incredible $.59 per gallon, going into the pockets of those filthy animals you keep electing and it’s still not enough.

  8. There will never ever be enough tax revenue for the fat fingered boss hogs that run this state.

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