High School District 155 Takes Over $1.8 Million Loss in Sale of Haber Oaks – Worth Repeating

Crystal Lake High School District 155 recently announced the sale of the Algonquin Road Cary building used for Special Education  students, plus those considered too disruptive to remain in regular high school, for $700,000.

In a press release Board President Adam Guss, whose wife is an art teacher at Cary-Grove High School, said, “…we’re glad that we were able to approve a purchase agreement so quickly.”

The facility was purchased for $1,121,250.

$752,238 was spent for remodeling.

Haber Oaks


High School District 155 Takes Over $1.8 Million Loss in Sale of Haber Oaks – Worth Repeating — 28 Comments

  1. Adam Guss should be tarred and feathered.

    He’s so proud of losing us money.

    Will it go back on the tax rolls at least?

  2. Woodstock D200 has maintained Clay Academy at the expense of Local Woodstock D200 taxpayers
    In order to provide low cost special ed provision to
    80% out-of-district

    The Clay building requires hundreds of thousands $$ each year to fullfill
    “Life&Safety” requirements.

    Only 20% of the students served are local.
    If D200 paid the same price tuition for those few (11 at last count)
    it charges its 80% out-of -distrct students, local raxpayers would save huge money.HUGE!!!!

    Big money is paid to.employ Caly Academy staff.
    Even bigger money is accrued as an unfunded obligarion of local Woodstock D200 taxpayers:
    OPEBs (other post employment benefits including $7000+ per year insurance starting at age 53 retirement)
    Unfunded pension liabilities forever

    All to pay for staff hired SOLELY to serve out-of-district students.

    Lucky D155 to be out of that racket.

  3. Is this blog colluding with candidates who are opposing the ‘union supported’ candidates?

  4. You folks are so out of it.

    You make me laugh every time I come here.

  5. UnderwoodNow cribbed that word for word, from the note I placed in last years Property Tax Bill.

  6. Guss, along with a few of the others, is either entirely inept, or complicit in criminal activity.

    There simply is no other explanation for this repeated behavior and decisions…

    And I don’t personally believe he’s inept.

  7. Just another gigantic waste.

    When will reason and logic ever return to this liberaloid nightmare called Illinois?

  8. I’m shocked at the size of that loss.

    Imagine how that could have served students?

    It’s time for a more balanced board.

  9. Waiting for them to sendme campapgn literature to post.

    Any candiate is welcome to do so.

  10. They’re all over Facebook and other social media and doing mailings etc with all that teachers union $$$.

    I’m rooting for the underdogs here.

    Tired of this endless mismanagement of my (and your) money

  11. What year was it purchased?

    Most real estate value is less than it was before the crash!

    Remember, the crash caused by republican banking rules!

  12. This is why the State is bankrupt and your property taxes are the highest in the nation, bad deals like this one!

    Alias “Its’ for the kids!”

  13. The “crash” in 2008 was due to the Democrats’ CRA, Community Reinvestment Act.

  14. Clinton was the President when rules were changed to allow people who couldn’t affored to own houses to buy with virtually no down payment.

  15. bred and Cal, in June of 2007 the Housing Market Crashed when George Soros and the Clinton’s dumped their Hedge Funds. Prior to that, it was the Housing Industry, keeping the economy going . . .at least in Arizona.

  16. Adam has been a solid disappointment.

    Not an independent thinker.

    Went along with the bad decisions.

    Not stupid, though.

    Managed to enhance his family income with his votes.

  17. What are Guss’ qualifications?

    Does he have a degree???

    Cannot find any bio info on him.

    Does he have a website?

    He does have some serious conflicts as he can vote to raise his wife’s salary.

  18. Dentbla makes factually inaccurate assertion that home pries are lower than before crash of 2006.

    Case -Shiller indices illustrate real estate prices exceed highest values of 2006.

    It is only in high property tax rate regions like we have in McHenry County (Woodstock, Crystal lake ) do we see real estate values lagging far behind other areas’ recovery.

    This is due to well understood economic principle of tax rate capotalization.

    This relative devaluation of our property value will continue to occur annuallh if tax rates aren’t addressed

  19. The argument that “good schools make property values high ”
    is not suported unless property tax rates are “within normal ranges”.

    Property tax rates in McHenry county are extreme outliers.

  20. Northwest Herald

    Crystal Lake-based School District 155 Board Votes to Close Haber Oaks Campus

    by Mike Mallory

    February 21, 2018

    “The district expects to save about $70,000 annually by not operating in the Haber Oaks building, assistant superintendent of finance and operations Jeremy Davis said, but it also will spend about $700,000 to renovate Crystal Lake South High School in a corresponding move.”

    “District 155 bought Haber Oaks, a former Cary School District 26 administrative building, for about $1.3 million in 2007.

    The district then paid about $800,000 to gut and renovate it, according to records.”

    “District 155 director of operations Jeff Daurer said at a previous meeting that the Haber Oaks building was professionally appraised at a little more than $1 million.”


  21. Northwest Herald

    Crystal Lake-based District 155 selling Haber Oaks Campus

    by Daniel Gaitan

    December 20, 2018

    “The main building is about 13,000 square feet and sits on about 3 acres.

    The board agreed to sell the property in August and approved a minimum acceptable bid of $700,000.”


  22. Eddie ‘The Widge’ Komenda is bye bye from NWH fakenews!

    Good riddance little liar

  23. It was in the NW Herald the other day.

    IIRC, he accepted a job in Las Vegas.

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