Protest of Ted Nugent at McHenry County Fair Guarantees Sellout Crowd

The McHenry County Fair has announced that Ted Nugent will appear on August 3rd.

From the following summary of a Northwest Herald article, it would seem, that gun control advocates are displeased:

Residents outraged over Ted Nugent playing at McHenry County FairNorthwest HeraldHours after the McHenry County Fair Association announced that Motor City Madman Ted Nugent would be headlining the annual event on Aug.

We know that Second Amendment supporters can pack a village board room.

That was proven in Richmond.

The Richmond Village Board room was filled to overflowing by Second Amendment supporters. Story here:

Would anyone be surprised if gun control advocates demonstrated at the County Fair against Nugent’s performance?

Would anyone be surprised if Second Amendment supporters demostrated as well?

= = = = =

The last time the County Fair stepped into the poliltical arena, its board decided to put all the church and Pro-Life booths into a remote Faith Tent.

The controversy was joined by the Thomas More Society, who sent a letter to the Board which eventually resulted in no change of location for the religious booth sponsors.

Showing which side of the issue the Fair Bord stood, the booth financed by Planned Parenthood would have been allowed to stay in the air conditioned building.


Protest of Ted Nugent at McHenry County Fair Guarantees Sellout Crowd — 50 Comments

  1. Maybe they can get the ghost of Nipsey Hussle to play their snowflake party?

  2. To balance things out, the Fair Board should consider bringing in some wimp/weasel left winger liberal entertainer who wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment.

  3. For those who are taking the time to go to the NWH website and vote in their polls be aware YOU are responsible for keeping that tabloid going.

    Every time you make a comment or vote in one of their polls or look at an article, your visit is recorded and used to justify their continued presence as the Democrat / Franks mouthpiece for the County.

    Their editors thank you.

  4. Wow, now the leftists think if they scream load enough they’ll get their way.

    I will boycott fair if they cancel.

    I go every year & I bring my 4H group, too.

  5. Exactly who is on that Fair Board? Don’t they care about the truly toxic effect Nugent has on people?

    Their names and addresses need to publicized so the people can let them know about their stupidity and/or racist attitudes.

    I don’t know who’s worse, Nugent or his McHenry County booking agents.

    Have any of them ANY shame????!!!!


    The legendary rocker, who also is on the board of the National Rifle Association, has a “long history of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, animus towards immigrants, and propensity to use violence-tinged language,” Media Matters reported earlier this year.

    That came after Nugent called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and referred to him as a “chimpanzee.” Nugent previously called Obama a Nazi and a “piece of s***” who should “suck on my machine gun.” He once called Hilary Clinton a “toxic c***” and, on another topic, said, “I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best [if] had the South won the Civil War.”

    [NB., I censored Nugent’s foul words from the above article which can be read in it’s entirety here:]

  6. Hey Underwierd, I once called Queen Hillary a ‘toxic cxxx’ too! Am I bad?

    Put Underweird in charge of all Fair bookings from now on! Or the snowflake will melt.

    Underweird’s top 4 Nugent replacement picks:

    1) Elton John

    2) Boy George (if he’s not in jail, again, for false imprisonment of male photo ‘models’)

    3) George Michael (whoops, he’s dead!)

    3) Prince (whoops, he’s dead, too!)

    3) Joan Baez (if she can still walk/talk)

    4) Freddie Mercury (whoops, dead.)

    4) David Bowie (sorry, dead again)

    4) Lady Ga Ga

  7. Wow! ‘UnderwoodNow’ posts a link to the SPLC which is well known for its deceit, lies,
    mistreatment of minorities and women!!

    In case y’all are not aware, the left wing communist Democrats tried the same “shame” sham approach last year when Nugent appeared at some Republican candidate functions.

    Interesting comment by someone who openly supports INFANTICIDE!!!

  8. Illinois is proud of their “favorite” son. Not so much the dummkopfs that post nonsense. I hope UnderwoodNow enjoyed the link especially since so many will never know because they were not allowed to even have the chance to be born.

  9. Haha. Sellout crowd. Haha.

    2019 Ted Nugent has the drawing power of 2019 Steve Bannon- there will be a small audience of AARP members, with opioid induced diverticulitis as a common bond.

    And I say this as someone who saw Ted in 1979.

    1979 Ted could sell out the fairgrounds.

    But it’s 2019.

  10. Would libtard Underwood approve of Jussie Smollett as Nugent’s replacement?

    Or Jack Franks?

    Or Ed Komenda?

  11. I nominate our dear old John Lovass for this year’s McHenry County Fair Fool.

    He has to leave the Franks booth, where he usually works at the fair—- at least occasionally, and greet the crowd in his jester’s garb.

    And he can’t scare the farm animals or kids with his crazy rants, laced with obscenities and poor French.

    Enough is enough John.

    Your drama queen tantrums have become tiresome.

  12. Rock on uncle Ted ,the public needs to watch death of a nation

  13. Ted is a byproduct of happier times when the youth of America spent their time with real friends jamming, being creative and fine tuning their skills.

    As a result of his dedication and hard work he has EARNED millions of dollars over his lifetime playing HOF rock n roll.

    Now he has a platform that he uses to advocate for basic common sense 101.

    I’m heading to this fair to pay homage and to fart in the general direction of every snowflake and libtard I see.

  14. Long live Ted Nugent, hope he blasts it so the whole county can hear.

  15. I really don’t care if Nugent plays at the Fair.

    Doesn’t bother me much.

    But that doesn’t mean that Nugent isn’t a terrible racist bigot.

    And I’m also not shocked that all the racists in the comments are supporting him.

    But I love how folks are attacking SPLC, as if it somehow means that the documented quotes are not real?

  16. Also, is anyone else amused that Nugent has now been relegated to playing at the McHenry County Fair?

    Where he’ll play along with local cover bands?

  17. I don’t go to the fair usually but now I am going for sure.

    Ted is awesome and double bonus watching the babies cry.

  18. Alabama, You are STILL an idiot! Ted Nugent IS a LOCAL band! And no, you are not amusing supporting your communist viewpoints.

  19. Alabama, you must start to understand, words only have meaning if they come from the mouth of normal human.

    You are not a normal human, so I regard you as an illiterate jack ass, or a Lovaas.

    BTW,it has been proven recently that the SPLC has been run by corrupt people.

    Big surprise, not.

  20. So……if he don’t agree with your liberal agenda he isn’t supposed to be able to play?

    99% of the people there will be cheering him on!

    Get Alice and enjoy the show!!!

    Rock it Ted!!!

  21. **Alabama, You are STILL an idiot! Ted Nugent IS a LOCAL band! **

    Pretty sure Nugent lives in Michigan, but sure, I guess that is local.

    And, yes, I’m well aware that he spent his teenage years in Arlington Heights.

    But that doesn’t make his band local.

    **Alabama, you must start to understand, words only have meaning if they come from the mouth of normal human.
    You are not a normal human, so I regard you as an illiterate jack ass, or a Lovaas.**

    Ah, I see.

    It makes total sense now.

    I love when I’m called illiterate by someone who can’t even write a sentence with proper grammar.

    And again, you can take issue with SPLC all you want.

    I don’t care. That really isn’t the point, though it is a nice distraction.

    But I do note that you don’t take issue with any of Nugent’s numerous racist quotes.

    As you would say, “Big surprise, not.”

  22. So if you like the “Nug” then we are racist?

    Then I must be a black racist…..Go Ted!!

  23. Note: It was UnderwoodNow who brought the SPLC into the discussion.

  24. There are going to be so many people there.

    These fair performances are pretty forgettable.

    Nugent has national name recognition though.

    It’s great for county tourism.

    Maybe the miserable liberals can petition for an anti-Trump rapper next year.

    Snoop Dogg would be a big draw.

  25. Ted Nugent stands for EVERYTHING that real Americans stand for.

    Someone as brain-addled as the punk called Alabama would not understand that at all.

    You have shown your hatred for anything that is pure red-white-and-blue by your silly remarks and your support for communist agitators.

    You can not are all you like, you are convincing no one of your supercilious points.

    And, yes that makes you the chief idiot in here, today.

  26. **Ted Nugent stands for EVERYTHING that real Americans stand for.**

    Fair point… America has always had an ugly strain of racism.

    Glad to see that you stand for that too.

  27. Funny you should mention Snoop Dog.

    The foul mouthed, self admitted woman-pimping, Trump-threatening, cop-hating, drug dealing, illegal gun carrying. felonious rapper will be playing at the IL STATE FAIR!

    I don’t hear the snowflake safe-spacers complaining about that!

    They’re just stomping mad because they think this concert is going to turn into a MAGA Rally!

    State GOP Chairman, Tim Schneider is trying to get Trump to IL, Maybe Nugent should have Trump swing in on a vine at his concert …at the only collar county that carried Trump?

    Ted Nugent grew up in Cook County.

    His sister went to Fremd in Palatine.

    This is Nugent’s stomping ground as a youth.

    Seems natural that he’s pro 2nd amendment and so is Mchenry County.

    Big names have come to RibFest in the Western Suburbs every year. i.e. Heart, Elton John, etc.

    No one is reducing them to ‘has-beens’ playing at a Carnival dedicated to Ribs and deep fried snickers bars.

    It’s Summer and it’s what entertainers do and their fans love it.

    Rock on Nugent. Welcome home and thanks for standing for the 2nd Amendment.

  28. “Residents” = A few snowflake lefties

    Anyone want to bet that if the Fair had booked a left-wing rock band like “Rage Against the Machine” who’s known for rants promoting “progressive” politics these SAME “residents” would be deathly silent in the opposition…..

    This is politically based, plain & simple.

  29. Rock on Uncle Ted.

    Hot guitar licks Melt Snowflakes…should be the headline!

    Nugent stands for 1st and 2nd Amendment freedoms.

    You don’t like it?

    Move yourself to Cuba or Venezuela.

  30. When musicians who spew leftwing talking points and rip conservatives get booked to festivals, conservatives usually avoid them and stay home.

    When musicians who spew conservative talking points and rip progressives get booked to festivals, the progressives boycott and try to get the booking cancelled… they post on social media, they rant, they want to doxx the people in charge with booking the performer. They want the people they do not agree with to be punished.

    These progressives used to be known in America as liberals.

    They believed in freedom of speech and expression. Not any more.

  31. Recall that Barack Hussein Obama had invited rappers who use violence type lyrics in their songs(?) to the white house.

    Where was the outrage back then by Democrats and liberals?

    Will the top lady of the County Democrat Party condemn the Obamas post-haste?

  32. Wonder if he’ll be sportin’ his raccoon tail hat.

    Maybe we should present him with a weasel hat?

    Ya Mon!

  33. Led Zeppelin was one of the rock groups honored by Barack Obama at the White House on December 2, 2012.

    Was the history of inappropriate behaviors of Led Zeppelin band members dredged up on social media within hours of the announcement of that event claiming the group does not promote family friendly values?


    Ted Nugent the “terrible racist bigot” wishes James Brown a happy birthday.


    Ted Nugent filters his speech less than most people.

    It’s not unusual for him to use language many would consider crude.

    He is apt to say just about anything to just about anyone.

    He has played at several county fairs though.


    Mr. Nugent promotes and lives anti drugs, limited alcohol (occasionally has a glass of wine), and physical fitness.

    Think of how much money this country would save if drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and overweight people were reduced.

    How many rockers of any type much less with his success have lived a life of no drugs and limited alcohol.

    He is a great role model in those respects.

  34. Awesome!!!!

    Now all we need is for Tommy, Jack and Michael join him on stage for the LONG awaited DAMN YANKEES reunion!!!

  35. True that this show will sell out by attracting Nugent’s fan base of extremist gun fanatics and white supremacists.

    Is this really what McHenry County wants for what is supposed to be a family friendly event?

    Nugent may have been a fantastic guitar player once, but his racist toxic politics transcends that now.

    There are much better acts to book.

  36. Aren’t we relieved that Kristina Zahorik, chair of the Democratic Party of McHenry County doesn’t speak for Mchenry County. when the agenda of the Democrat Party is to ruin the family institution! Oooops.

  37. Im getting tickets in about 10 minutes and look forward to seeing Ted again, He puts on such a great show!

    Thank you Mchenry County for scheduling such a great rock legend!

  38. It is a mischaracterization to say people are unhappy with him headlining the fair because he is with the NRA.

    The comments I have read do not feel he is the right entertainment to headline what has been a county, family centered event for years.

    The fact he wrote and sings a song about raping a 13 year old should be reason enough.

    But if it’s not, there are his threats and profane comments towards others who have a different opinion, including the teenagers who survived the Parkland shooting.

    His Facebook response to the controversy, “Not target friendly Target rich” only exemplifies the concerns stated.

    Since when does hate speech and condoning the rape of children sanctioned by a county family event?

    Me and my family will be taking a pass on the fair this year.

  39. Just got my tickets!

    My wife and I love Uncle Teddy!

    This will be the 8th time I have seen him since 1977, always enjoy his show!

    Thank you McHenry County Fair for bringing Ted!

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