Scholarship for Women

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

Legislators Help Women Pursuing A Return to Education

McHenry, IL. – Women seeking to earn a college degree are urged to submit an application for the Conference of Women Legislators (COWL) 2019 -2020 Scholarship Award Program, according to State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry).

“The scholarship program assists Illinois women, 25 years or older, who are seeking to earn undergraduate college degrees,” said Wilcox.

“The scholarships are part of COWL’s activities to promote economic independence, community service and leadership development for women.”

To be eligible, applicants are required to enroll in an accredited college or university for a minimum of six credit hours, making the scholarships available to part-time and online students. In addition to academic achievement, the scholarship committee also considers volunteer or paid community service work that benefit women in transition.

According to Rep. Kathleen Willis, the Chair of the Scholarship Committee, the scholarships are aimed at helping women who are earning their college degrees, in some cases, later in life.

Scholarships of $2,500 each will be awarded. Applications must be postmarked or emailed by April 30, 2019. Awardees will be notified by May 31, 2019. All scholarship materials may be downloaded at


Scholarship for Women — 9 Comments

  1. This is very interesting.

    We live in a society which denigrates the white male in almost every form of media advertising.

    While you read the above article you may want to consider the decline of the male population in colleges and universities to the point where the female population greatly exceeds the male population already.

    By having scholarship programs based on race or sex are we not encouraging discrimination?

    Now that it appears our society wants to ‘create’ a new sex (transgender) can males apply if they ‘think’ they are female?

    Based on total student population, female students in colleges and universities have outnumbered male students since 1980.

    Based on full time student population, female students in colleges and universities have outnumbered male students since 1985.

  2. If Little Joey Blowhard or Little Tommy Snowflake self-identify
    as women they will be eligible for this scholarship.

    Isn’t that wonderful !

  3. This appears to be discriminatory.

    Why not also have a program for men?

    Men from any race, ethnicity, religion background?

    There seems to be some discriminatory programs in the US.

    There is even one whereby there is a club or caucus in the U.S. Congress in Washington DC whereby only men and women of a certain race are permitted to join this group.

    Men and women from other races are denied entry to this group.

    This group is advocated and promoted by the Democrat Party.

  4. I thought Wilcox was supposed to be a conservative!

    And he supports this rubbish!


  5. Good god, the comments.

    The poor white men that have it so hard. Won’t anyone think of them?

  6. At least the beleaguered white men get a couple months off each year when the forces of evil turn to the war on Christmas.

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