Ted Nugent Ticket Sales “Unprecedented”

That is what is reported in this story in MyStateline.com:

McHenry County
 Fair says ticket sales for Ted Nugent concert ‘unprecedented’
MyStateline.comWOODSTOCK, Ill. (WTVO) – Despite backlash from vocal critics online, the McHenry County Fair has seen “unprecedented” early ticket sales for rocker …

The web site reports the following:

[Jeff] Kleinschmidt says the venue capacity is about 7,000, and he says 2,500 tickets have been sold as of Friday afternoon.

“Ticket sales have been steady,” he said. “There was a huge surge at first and they will continue to trickle in. We are over 100 days out [from the event.] To have this many presales this early is unprecedented.”


Ted Nugent Ticket Sales “Unprecedented” — 9 Comments

  1. Rumors of washed-up third-rate hacks are being proven to be lies from the snowflakes. Hardee-har-har. Classic rock will ALWAYS be popular no matter how angry they get with their fairytale stories. Suck it, you socialists!

  2. ole’ abe, I thought that you either moved out of Illinois or died.

    But, here you are.

    Nice video.

    Is that your news source? Seems appropriate.

  3. Daily Herald

    McHenry County Fair is taking heat for booking Ted Nugent, but it hasn’t hurt sales

    – McHenry County Fair is taking heat for booking Ted Nugent, but tickets sure sold

    by Elana Ferrarin

    April 13, 2019 at 6:54PM



    No mention in the article that Femmes of Rock and Freebird USA are also performing at the August 3, 2019 concert.

    Tickets are available via a link from mchenrycountyfair.com, which links to here:


  4. ‘Tom” are you Waltmire?

    Next time, try posting something that makes sense.

  5. Hey Tom, maybe you’d rather get your news about Time magazine from Time magazine itself?

    Ok here you go.


    Oh wow look at that.

    Donald Trump was the person of the year in 2016.

    Sounds like a celebrity, non politician beating Hillary Clinton and winning states that Republicans hadn’t won since the 1980’s might be newsworthy.

    I mean after all you people have riots in reaction to him.

    Obviously it’s somewhat consequential, no?

  6. Uncle Ted has helped protect our 2nd amendment rights longer than most of you could piss your pants…

    Yeah I got a permit to keep and bare it’s called the Constitution

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