McSweeney Speaks on City Club Panel — 6 Comments

  1. Every day the state fills up with more welfareites, illegals, and dopes, while decent people move out or plans to.

    Good luck w/ that McSweeney.

  2. YouTube

    City Club of Chicago channel

    Graduated Income Tax: What does it mean for Illinois?

    Published on April 15, 2019

    Graduated Income Tax: What does it mean for Illinois?

    Rep. David McSweeney, Rep. Will Guzzardi, Senator Elgie Sims & Senator Chuck Weaver

  3. Democrat Will Guzzardi is seated at the table to the left of Republican Dave McSweeney in the photo.

  4. Guzzardi wants tuition free college and his Lasalle Street tax was DOA so now he and all the other progressive hipster dorks are doubling down on the graduated income tax for all the stuff they want.

    Just so readers are aware, Democrats are already going around the state saying they have the votes for this in the legislature.

    They’re already speaking directly to voters convincing them that the change is good.

    And here we have McSweeney lying about what HE’S going to do. This guy is something else…

  5. It’s nice to know that McMushface has appointed himself as the leader of the fight against the graduated income tax.

    He must be running for a higher office.

    I think he will find that the bridges he has burned with Republicans in McHenry County aren’t easily repaired.

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